NEWS: Feature Flick: Life-Size Hot Wheels Car Gets Airborne in Corkscrew Jump

September 20, 2012
Hot Wheels Car In The Air
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Team Hot Wheels is at it again: the daredevils have broken yet another world after professional driver Greg Tracy completed a record 92-foot corkscrew jump. This accounts for the team's third world title after Tanner Foust made a record 332-foot jump and completed a Double-Loop Dare at the X-Games along with Tracy.
Team Hot Wheels already has two world records under its belt: Last year, Tanner Foust made a record 332-foot jump on a life-size version of the orange V-Drop Super Velocity Track Set, and earlier this summer, Foust and Greg Tracy successfully completed a Double-Loop Dare at the X-Games. Well, the team can now add a third to the list as Tracy makes a record 92-foot corkscrew jump.
The latest stunt takes place at the team’s testing facility, where the crew has produced a life-size like corkscrew jump, complete with two separate ramps. Watch as the car flies through the air in rotation after it hits the first ramp, and land on the second ramp. For a moment it looks as though things might get hairy as the Hot Wheels car lands hard on its left rear wheel, but Tracy successfully completes the jump, beating the record previously record that stood at around 72 feet. Camera angles from inside the car make the video more enjoyable to watch, but don't take our word for it: Watch Tracy get twisted in the video below.
Source: Hot Wheels via YouTube
Hot Wheels Car Upside Down 02


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