Feature Flick: Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition's 7:14 ‘Ring Run

Last week, we reported that the Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition had lapped the Nurburgring’s Nordschleife Circuit in a blistering 7:14.464. The problem was that Lexus hadn’t released a video of the LFA’s impressive run. Thankfully, that's now changed.

The Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition’s 7:14.464 Nurburgring run came at the hands of a man who’s very familiar with the green hell,  racecar driver Akira Iida. Lexus says that the LFA Nurburgring Edition shown in this video is completely stock, even down to the standard Bridgestone RE070 tires that it shares with the standard LFA. It should be noted that Nurburgring Edition models pack an extra 10 hp over standard LFAs for a total of 562 hp, and a shift time whittled down to 0.15 seconds. Nurburgring Edition cars also receive a carbon fiber front splitter, a fixed rear wing and, and unique suspension tuning.

While many are proclaiming the 7:14 lap time as something of a record, it's only the fourth fastest time posted around the 'Ring.  to keep in mind The top three laps of 6:48, 6:55 and 7:11.57 are held by the Radical SR8LM, Radical SR8,and Gumpert Apollo Speed, respectively. Do those cars count as production vehicles?  That's up for you to debate in the comment section below.

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Source: Lexus, Fastest Laps

keep crying
Anyone can claim facts, but can you prove it. Exactly! Plus, if you are bringing in added-modification factor in the picture, you are shooting yourself in the foot because aftermarket modded corvettes of any kind shows no other benefits than straight line acceleration. Lets see if you can prove me wrong. Power is not the main key to running Nurburgring track. Its a whole combination of balanced power, handling, gears, timing, etc.
Here a fact for you guys: you can buy a used Z06, modify it heavily to beat 7:14 , and never spend more than $70,000. What's the point of a $375,000 car when you losers will never afford one? Fact.
what are the first two douche crying about? Is their American pride and status coming to an end?
your jealous
Obviously you guys are loyal to the ZR1. You guys want the ZR1 to be the best and fastest car in the world you guys cannot consider reality in the equation. "Woulda-coulda" don't work in the real world. Fact and fact. You can cry about facts against you, but you cannot argue fact.
four bangger
The word stock is in question. This is a enhanced version of the slower LFA. So it's not completely stock.The driver is a pro, so time should not be a surprise. This is what ZR1 needs a Leman's Driver. Time should be about 7:15, under fair conditions. Can't take anything away for LFA car looks well prepped. Driver has serious balls around the corners. This time can only be done by a few drivers.With some sticky tires 7:10 could be in reach.Wing helps it stay planted around the corners. Great run for LEXUS!!!
6:47 is the Zonda R's best time, which beats the Radical. When you factor in cost and availability, the Z06 Corvette wins @ 7:19, I'd give up 5 seconds for almost $300,000. What's completely ridiculous is that these road cars as quick as 1976 F1 cars (Jody Scheckter did a 7:10 qualifying lap in 1976, but most race times were below 7:20).

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