Feature Flick: Lexus LFA, Corvette ZR1, Porsche GT2 RS, Nissan GT-R, Ferrari F430 F1 Do Battle

How can you go wrong with a three-lap race between some of the world’s greatest sports cars? Well, you can’t. This video roundup pits the Lexus LFA, the Nissan GT-R, the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, the Porsche 911 GT2 RS, and the Ferrari F430 GT3 against one another in a three-lap battle at Japan’s Fuji Circuit.

There is just under 3000 hp between the racers here, and engine sizes coming in six-, eight-, and ten-cylinder flavors, two of which use a form of forced induction. There are different engineering mentalities at play, ranging from ultra-lightweight (the Porsche) to all-out thrust and power (the Corvette). Four out of the five in the field are rear-wheel drive (the GT-R is the lone all-wheel drive offering), and two place their engines behind the passenger cabin. The most powerful of the bunch -- the ZR1 -- produces 638 hpwhile the meekest -- the GT-R - puts down “just” 530 hp (the GT-R).The final pole positions of the five cars may surprise you -- but even if they don’t, the video below is still worth a watch for any supercar fan.

Source: YouTube

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I love best motoring, but this was utter bullshit. All these cars should've been neck and neck. The ZR1 is not a slow car. It's funny how Godzilla destroys all... C'mon now. We need racers who aren't so biased and favorful.
Looks like a small propaganda effort organized by a couple of Japanese manufacturers. I can just imagine the instructions to the GT2 driver: "make it look good, but whatever you do, don't pass the Nissan!!" Not that there were strong drivers in the last three cars: the Porsche driver was grinding the gears on downshifts.

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