NEWS: Feature Flick: Lexus GS450h Passengers Try, Fail to Relax

July 20, 2012
Lexus GS450h Reaction 3
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Here's a challenge: strap yourself into the passenger's seat of a fast car, take a ride around a race circuit with a professional racing driver at the wheel, and try to keep your heart rate below 120 beats per minute. Oh, and film the entire experiment. Lexus did just that, and the resulting video is just over three minutes of mild comedy set within the Lexus GS 450h.
The video, titled "120 Heartbeats," attacks the traditional image of hybrids being slow and dowdy vehicles by placing the new GS450h on the track. With 338 net horsepower on tap, the GS 450h isn’t exactly a slouch, and Lexus decided to show potential clients as much. It outfitted a selection of men and women with heart rate monitors, strapped them into the passenger's seat, and sent them off with a faceless professional racing driver doing hotshoe duty.
In the end, the subjects performed exactly as you think they would with a task like this: they failed, some miserably. To see just how miserably they failed--to your and our amusement--check out the video below.
Source: Lexus via YouTube
Lexus GS450h Reaction 3


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