Feature Flick: Jay Leno Compares 2012 Volkswagen Beetle to Original 1938 Volkswagen Beetle

With the release of the 2012 Volkswagen Beetle coming shortly, we've been seeing lots of talk about the model it replaces, the New Beetle. We've wondered aloud if the new model will continue the "cuteness" of the previous one, if it'll be sportier, if it'll attract more male buyers. But television personality Jay Leno isn't really concerned with comparing the 2012 Beetle to the New Beetle.

Leno recently released a video comparing the 2012 Beetle to its "grandfather," the 1938 model responsible for launching the Beetle nameplate. He traveled to Wolfsburg, Germany, to try each model, calling the old model "fun" and the new model "a little bit of a wolf in sheep's clothing." Of course, "fun" is subjective: the 1938 model sprinted to 62 mph in 27.5 seconds -- the new model will do it in a quarter of the time.

Check below to see Leno's take.

Click here for video

Steve Hull
I just purchased a 2012 turbo beetle 3-23-2012 , the power windows had problems the first day, both go back down after about 3 inches going up,then after 2 to 3 lever pulls would go up; had several others problems too, contacted customer service asked very nicely if it would be possible to replace it, on Friday the 13th of April they found the only one like it in the State of Colorado, drove it about 200 miles to the Denver area, the replacement car has the same window problem, guess the electrical problems have not been totally cured in 12 years, now waiting for the "re-designed window regulators" the new pinch control does not work correctly; hope that the VW engineers can fix this problem? other than that it is a great car so far, have 2,000 miles on it to date 06/06/12
Y. J. Lin
I owned a 2000 beetle (turbor) for about 6 years. It was plagued by electronic (computer) problem. But I don't think the issue was becasue the car was made in Mexico. There was defect in the original design. The car was mechnically sound, but not electronically. German cars are famous for their mechanical performace. However, I believe both American and Japaness cars are superior in their electronic systems.
What a whiner this I.M. Flynn is.
Granted, Jay is correct, the 2012 Beetle is major leap from the original 1938 People's Car. However, it's hard to believe that this car is that much better than the former and most recent "Bubble Top" incarnation. First and foremost, the Beetle since its rebirth has been plagued by electrical issues which makes one feel Hanz and Franz from SNL are at the helm of that department at VW, since they can't seem to get it right year after year. Fit and finish on the former model were sorely lacking as well...I don't blame the engineers at VW for this one, I blame the bean counters in the company for deciding to build a truly German icon south of the border to save a few bucks on labor. Furthermore, if I were to consider purchasing a 2012 Beetle, I am NOT looking a "wolf in sheep's clothing" or a poor man's Porsche VW...if I want a Porsche, I will acquire one. Get with the times VW... build a RELIABLE and Hybrid Beetle..something that I can get 60 MPG in and build it in Deutschland.

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