Feature Flick: Hyundai Veloster Rally Car Plays Xtreme Golf

January 27, 2012
Hyundai Veloster Rally Golfing Side
We already know that the Hyundai Veloster rally car is a pretty sweet racer -- but we've never pondered how it would serve as a golf cart. Apparently, the guys at Rhys Millen Racing answered the question absolutely no one was asking. In the following video, driver Rhys Millen and team take a Hyundai Veloster rally car out on the greens and commission it to golf cart duty. As you’d expect, the Veloster goes beyond the narrow paved roads tailor-made for a normal cart. Instead, the rally car proves that a golf course doubles as suitable practice grounds for a rally car, with plenty of dirt, grass, and hairpin turns to keep things interesting. The Veloster even pulls out a heroic move at the end, which you’ll have to click and watch for yourself. Fore! Source: YouTube

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