Feature Flick: Honda Makes Euro-Market Civic Quieter, More Aerodynamic Ahead of Frankfurt

As Honda prepares to take the wraps off its ninth-generation Euro-market Civic, the company is working hard to make the new car as quiet and as aerodynamic as possible. As this video shows, Honda’s engineers have worked tirelessly to ensure the 2012 Civic is as quiet as its European competitors.

Honda engineer Mitsuru Kariya explains that previous generations of the Civic have been criticized for being too noisy, especially on European roads. Cabin silence is especially important to Kariya, as he regularly drives nearly 1000 miles with his children in the car. As a result, Kariya and his colleagues spent lots of time working in an echo-free sound laboratory to improve sound insulation and reduce noise from the new Civic’s drivetrain.

The company also has poached some members of Honda’s Formula 1 team to help improve the Civic’s aerodynamic efficiency. In addition to providing better performance and fuel economy, reduced aerodynamic drag will diminish the amount of wind noise in the Civic.

The European-market 2012 Honda Civic will be unveiled next month at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and goes on sale in Europe in early 2012. At launch, the five-door hatchback’s engine choices will include a 2.2-liter turbodiesel that has a stop/start feature.

Source: Honda

the title says it all!! screw the USA is what honda should be saying we get a POS civic for 2012 including the si (awful) and europe get the better one! ( nice move honda you just lost me as a customer here in the great USA) you suck!

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