Feature Flick: Gymkhana 0.2 Is Like Ken Block On A Budget

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Each one of Ken Block’s Gymkhana videos has gotten crazier and more cinematic, as we saw in Gymkhana Four. But if you’re not into all the movie magic and special effects, the video below reminds us of what Gymkhana should be all about: driving. Before all the Segway-cruising gorillas and Bollywood dancers took over Gymkhana, this is what it was all about.

At first, this video seems to be yet another installment of Block’s crazy videos, but it doesn’t take long to realize this is kind of like Gymkhana, except on a Top Ramen budget. There’s no Ken Block, no 600-hp 2011 Ford Fiesta RS, and no 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STI either. Instead, there’s a 1986 Ford Fiesta Ghia with very little power that was found in a shed, which basically proves you don’t need a fancy Hybrid Hoon Function vehicle to enjoy some good old-fashioned hooning.

Etienne Guerra, the driver behind the wheel, may just prove to be some competition for Block if this bootleg version of Gymkhana gets anywhere near as many hits as the very first one. After all, it may take more talent to hoon in a beater than it does in a souped-up car.

Check out the video (not an advertisement) below.

Source: YouTube

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Ghetto fabulous, I am in awe.

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