Feature Flick: Ford Makes Fun of Auto Bailout in Newest Commercial

We’ve all heard the insults from Ford fans about GM (disdainfully referred to as “Government Motors” by some) and Chrysler both going bankrupt and being bailed out by the government during the “Great Recession” of 2008. Now, it seems Ford is jumping into the fray as well with the latest commercial from its “Drive One” campaign.

Like Ford’s previous “Drive One” ads, this commercial starts with a man named Chris who is apparently a real F-150 owner. Like the other commercials, Chris pulls up to a hotel where he’s quickly whisked into a room for a surprise press conference. While at his press conference, a “journalist” asks Chris if buying American was important to him. Chris’ answer might be what gets Ford a little flack.

Chris answers with the following: “I wasn’t going to buy any other car that was bailed out by our government. I was going to buy from a manufacturer that was standing on their own; win, lose, or draw. That’s what America’s about [sic] is taking the chance to succeed and understanding when you fail that you got to pick yourself up and go back to work. Ford is that company for me.”

Just as Nissan’s commercials calling out Honda for its supply issues due to the Japanese earthquake and ensuing tsunami may have been a bit controversial, is Ford crossing the line going from a little friendly competition to striking a low blow? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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EDIT: The star of the commercial has responded in his own video, stating that the ad wasn't staged and that he stands behind what he said in the original spot. Check it out for yourself:

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Source: YouTube

Make fun of the competition to promote your product? It's been done for generations in all over the world, get real people. Politically correctness was invented here (I think) and lawyers love it. China, India, Brazil and other countries don't have this problem, and their products are everywhere now. The (liberal) people that say they support the labor movement, the UAW and all that are all buying import cars (West Coast and East Coast), and the rest of the country buy everything that are made in China. GM is too big to fail, and they do have some excellent vehicles, but they won't ever have the market share that they once did.
This country needs to go back to being “Ford Tough” and get off their collective lazy asses and get to work, be financially responsible and not fear expressing your opinion that is not “mainstream”. If a Ford, GM or Chrysler supplier went out of business, that’s the way it goes. The bailout was intended for GM and Chrysler. Did suppliers also get bailed out? By the way, Ford did not need the bailout. What the government did was force the bailout money on Ford so they could use it as a political ploy that they saved the auto industry. They did not save Ford. Ford did not need saving. Let’s see if GM and Chrysler go down the Solyndra road!
What a cheap shot. So Ford have you conveniently forgot that you were one of the three companies begging for bailouts in D.C? Did you forget that you had to sell Volvo and Jaguar and borrow tons of money to stay out of bankruptcy? Did you forget about potential consequences of having your suppliers go out of business if they bailout had not happened? I am actively considering the purchase of a new fuel efficient car and have test driven the Chevy Cruze and Ford Focus. Thanks to your Tea Party salute you just made my choice much easier Ford. Do yourselves a favor and drop the add, focus on advertising superior driving dynamics, fuel economy, quality, etc. What a cheap shot.
Ick. I bet this is how John McCain felt when we realized what a kook he'd cast for a running mate. This guy and his thinly veiled tea party nonsense is probably more than Ford bargained for. Personally, I much prefer the Made in Detroit message that Chrysler is pitching. Much more hopeful. A swing and a miss by Ford.
Woo hoo! Finally someone calls it what it is without worrying about being PC.
Chris S
Making fun of a company, a fellow patriot who desperately wanted to save the jobs of thousands of Americans, is a sick dirty low blow to the our country and our citizens... you buy a car because you like it, its the right price and it gives you the warranty you need. You don't buy a car because you think the government is spending our money (Not Palin's or Tea Party's) to save our economy. So what is next for Ford?, mocking Japanese Car Companies for their supplier limitations due to a catastrophic triple event that has killed countless lives and devastated families. Nissan took a nasty cheap shot because they are half french, but we are American and do not and should not follow suit.
Love Ford products. Not sure why they decided to go Tea Party on this ad. My understanding is that without the bailout, many of Ford's suppliers would have been hit hard, which in turn would have directly increasing costs. Not to mention, the adverse economic ripple affect of having two major manufacturers go out of business, directly affecting sales. Chrysler and GM both bounced back big time and are repaying their loans with interest and giving Americans some real domestic competition. A huge win-win. A little short-sighted and mean spirited.

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