Feature Flick: Corvette ZR1 Driver Collides with Chrysler 300 SRT8

Poor driving skills and fast cars are as good bedfellows as water and electricity -- in other words, the results are often dangerous. As this Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 driver found out the hard way, being able to afford a fast car doesn't necessarily mean you're qualified to drive it. It looks like the ZR1's 638 supercharged horses were just a few too many for this Corvette driver, whose ego got the better of him and led to an accident with a Chrysler 300 SRT8.

In this video with non-work-safe audio (now might be a good time to grab those headphones), we see two guys in a Chrysler 300 SRT8 driving along filming as the Corvette ZR1 driver decides to show how heavy his right foot is. We will say one thing: this ZR1 driver should have bought a Corvette Z06 instead and invested the money he saved in driving lessons. Either that, or left his ego at home. Check out the video for yourself below.

Source: YouTube

Click here for video

It's irresponsible to sell a 640 hp car to just anyone. The fact that they have to de-tune this engine to race in GT3 should be a hint that this car is stupidly overpowered. I could care less if they go off and hit a tree, but more often then not, they end up killing other people.

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