NEWS: Feature Flick: Cops in Hot Pursuit of Ford Shelby GT500

May 23, 2012
2013 Shelby GT500 Chase
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Ever wonder how Ford's all new 2013 Shelby GT500 would fair in a good old fashioned police chase? Motor Trend's road test editor Scott Mortara sought to find that out in the newest episode of Downshift.
Shot on-location in Detroit, the latest episode of Downshift features Mortara sneaking away from Ford in an effort to give his impressions on the new 662-hp 2013 Shelby GT500. Just as he's about to dive into detail, the fun police show up behind the wheel of a new Ford Taurus Police Interceptor. A hot pursuit begins. Mortara tries to shake the all-wheel-drive Ford Police Interceptor in a gravel parking lot to no avail. Eventually he hides out in an alley.
As soon as he thinks the coast is clear, another pursuit car arrives on the scene – this time a Dodge Charger Pursuit. And the chase continues through Detroit. To find out if Mortara makes it, or if Motor Trend needs a new road test editor, check out the video below, and remember to tune in next week when we see if the Shelby GT500 is really capable of 200 mph.
2013 Ford Shelby GT500 And 2012 Dodge Charger Pursuit


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