Feature Flick: Chevrolet's Latest Volt Commercial Cranks Up The Patriotism

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As if the Chevrolet Volt wasn't already a hot topic as of late, this new 33-second commercial may certainly dump fuel onto the conversational flame.

The ad imposes the Volt assembly line - which is housed within General Motors' Hamtramck Assembly Plant, located just outside of Detroit's city limits - on the streets of Hamtramck. Clever visual effects, for certain, but it's the rhetoric used for the voice over - performed by actor and Detroit native Tim Allen -- that may attract the most attention. "For our town," he proclaims. "For our country. For our future. This isn't just the car we wanted to build; this is the car America had to build."

While the patriotic hubris is vaguely reminiscent of Chrysler's successful "Imported from Detroit" campaign, GM says the ad is the first step in shifting conversation about the car - and timing may play a big part. While early reports from The Detroit News suggested the spot could debut at the forthcoming Super Bowl, that's not the case: instead, the ad should air later today on the Fox News channel before making its way to other networks and time slots.

"Between the closure of the NHTSA investigation and today's [Congressional] hearing, we feel we've shown all the facts, and can close that chapter of the Volt story," said Rob Petersen, a GM spokesperson for the Volt line. "We want to focus on how the car is a truly American innovation."

Although there's certainly an argument to be made in favor of that statement, we're not sure the ad - which centers more on emotion than technical detail or the how the car breaks new technical ground - is necessarily the best way to pursue that message. However, we're certain that it will keep people talking about the Volt for the foreseeable future.

Source: GM, The Detroit News

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Hey djaymick, I make $32,500 a year and love my volt. I have driven 160 miles so far without a single drop of gas, I have no plans to buy some until I make a long trip somewhere. The Volt was in production when George Bush was in office, and it was under his ruling that the tax incentives be put in order. Haters gonna hate, until they get in one. The Chevy Volt is a great automobile and it's a smooth comfortable ride. I pay less on my lease per month now then I did with my fusion payments with gas. If it catches fire, you will be the first to know...
How about your un-American if you hate the fact that lithium ion will spur China's economy. Or your un-American if you hate importing gas from the Middle East (because these cars will still consume gas). Or your un-American for hating a failed, union controlled, overly expensive GM product? I guess it's not un-American that the only people who have purchased the 3,000 Volts sold have average incomes of $180K per year.
So, buy a Volt or you're not a true American, and ignore the other fires that have started in Volts purchased by customers, that haven't gotten into accidents with it. Got it. Just like anything designed by bureaucrats and heavily subsidized by government: it over-promises, under-delivers, is really expensive, and eventually burns up.

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