Feature Flick: Chevrolet Corvette Goes Head-to-Head with Koenigsegg CCXR

Hypothetical Question: Can the underdog 700 hp Chevrolet Corvette beat the mighty 1024 hp Koenigsegg CCX in the quarter mile? What about the standing mile? Russian-based DragTimesInfo decided to find out – and they documented the results with the video below.

SPOILER ALERT: The Z06 blazes past the finish line in what seems to be an eternity (but less than a second in drag racing) before the mighty Koenigsegg! Although the times were closer than they appear the Z06 hit the quarter mile mark in 12.39 seconds at 134.67 mph besting the slower CCXR’s quarter mile time of 12.401 at 130.2 mph. The Vette continues on to finish the standing mile in 28.004 seconds at 199.37 mph as opposed to the mightier exotic’s standing mile time of 28.575 seconds at 193.67 mph. Apparently the extra 324 hp wasn’t enough to overcome (or defend) the small gap during the first quarter of the race for the CCXR.

There is always speculation (or excuses) to why the more powerful (and expensive) exotic got beat by the lowly modified Corvette. Lots of variables affect a car’s performance: engine temperature/condition, slipping clutch, traction, driver talent and much more.

After viewing the video let us know if you think the Vette legitimately won the drag race or if the Koenigsegg was experiencing “technical difficulties” in the comments below. Let the bench racing begin!

Click here for video

beetle man
Well if I am not mistaken I could hear a lot of wheel spin off of the CCXR, and every true car person knows wheel spin in a drag race kills other word makes you loose. So in that case I think the carvette took it, but only becouse the CCXR had too much power and it could not put it to the ground. but if all was fare and tracksion was not part of the probblem I would have to say the CCXR would kick some carvette ass hands down.
Vette Fan
The Vette did get a jump off the line but would have won by a c*nt hair anyway. I don't know what the CCXR weighs but it must be heavier than the Vette to loose in the mile with all that extra horsepower. Maybe it wasn't puting out the rated hp?? Without traction control or a h*ll of a lot of skill the Vette would probably loose this matchup most of the time.
As any drag racer will tell you, it ain't about how much power you can make (that's the easy and cheap part), it's all about how that power gets transmitted to the pavement. Obviously the 'Vette is the more complete package. And a computer controlled launch control system is probably the deciding factor here.
or that guy in the CCXR let the vette win and a friendly thing
CCXR had a slow start and the vette needed all its hp 2 beat the CCRX so thats how it went
From rides in the nephew's Z06, the Corvette launch traction control was the difference - getting the most power to the ground made the difference.
The CORVETTE whip the over priced CCXR's ASS and they said AMERICAN cars a are not fast!

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