NEWS: Feature Flick: Cadillac CTS-V Coupe Racecar Returns to Sebring Raceway for Testing

February 24, 2011
2011 Cadillac Racing Cts V Coupe Racecar Test 4
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The dawn of the 2011 race season is upon us: NASCAR just kicked off its year with the Daytona 500, F1 teams are presently testing in Europe, Le Mans hopefuls are currently starting their training -- and, of course, Cadillac Racing is prepping its new CTS-V Coupe racer for the SCCA World Challenge GT.
If you’ve been following news since the January’s Detroit auto show, that last fact shouldn’t be surprising. Nor is the fact that Cadillac’s chosen to shake down its CTS-V racer at the Sebring Raceway in Florida. This time around, however, near-finished cars are undergoing testing, and we’ve got video footage, to boot…
We won’t be able to see the cars actually compete until March 25, but with drivers Andy Pilgrim and Johnny O’Connell slated to take the wheel of both entrants, Caddy appears to have a formidable team in place. If nothing else, the video shows they certainly have a formidable machine -- just listen to that sound, would you?
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