Feature Flick: Audi R8 Does Donuts, Driven by 11-Year-Old

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Kartkid007 is vying for YouTube fame (along with millions of other kids) and has released several videos of himself behind the wheel of an Audi R8.

Under the supervision of his father (apparent from his reflection in the flawless black paint) who carefully observes his pre-teens hoonery from behind a cell phone video camera) kartkid007 (as he is known from his YouTube channel) precedes to do donuts in what was once a docile field in Britain.

Too bad more families aren’t fortunate enough to have a closed course and a supercar at their disposal so their children can learn the joys of automotive exhibitionism, without getting arrested as young adults --or worse. Not many kids have the opportunity to learn how a car -- or a supercar for that matter --handles even if it is just on grass in a controlled environment.

Click here for video

Unfortunately, the outcome can be much worse when the mischief is on public streets, and without supervision from a parent or guardian, as can be seen here.

Great this youngster has the opportunity to appreciate what a car can do: how to modulate a throttle, how steering inputs translate to course alterations, etc. Good on the parents for providing the opportunity. He'll be a better driver for it! Of course, he should be wearing a seatbelt. Really.

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