Feature Flick: 2013 Mercedes-Benz A-Class Takes a Drive by The Sea

With the reveal of the 2013 Mercedes-Benz A-Class, the German automaker put an end to the tease of spy shots and image leaks that lasted nearly a year. But Mercedes isn’t done hyping up its new compact hatch, as this official video from the silver arrow brand promotes the A-Class by placing it in a scenic coastal setting.

The video starts by highlighting a few of the car’s features, with close-ups on the LED running lights, unique two-bar grille, and sweeping character lines. The car then gets down to business, driving on a two-lane road overlooking sheer cliffs and a rocky shoreline. After awhile, the scenery becomes the focus, and you sort of forget this is about a car. The A-Class returns to the spotlight though, now showing off its interior, along with its drivers, who appear to be having a good time.

Mercedes-Benz is banking on younger buyers with the A-Class, and this video appears to target that demographic. The compact Mercedes hatchback is expected to arrive stateside by 2014, and based on what we’ve seen at Geneva, the car might not be a bad fit for the U.S. market. Check out the video for yourself below, and tell us in the comments section if you think the car will make it in the ‘States.

Source: YouTube

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Wow, the A-Class is the best thing since sliced bread. No really, It's amazing. I was never a fan of hatchback cars. About 6 years ago I herd of a fuel efficient hatchback to be made by lexus. I anticipated the day it was to come out, and when it did I was dazzeled. I wasn't however carried off my heels by it's slow take off or torque. I liked the design alot, but I figured the other luxury brands had to follow. I was right, and finally one of those luxury lines did it right. At least for the styling's sake. I really hope it's at least incrementally faster than the Lexus CT, and hoping for a decent milage. The A-class doesn't have to have better milage than the CT, but if its close and has a better take off, and the pricing isn't too out of reach, ie that of the CT, then You have yourselves a new Mercedes Benz A-Class owner. I had a 2006 C-Class leased for 3 years and I was very satisfied. I have purchased a Toyota Rav-4 to replace it, and it's been 3 years so I'm ready for another replacement. I've seen that it won't approach the US until 2014, but if it comes much sonner, the better. I will hold on to my Rav-4 for one reason, to get the A-Class. I'm that psyched about it that I'll wait and God willing it delivers those two requisites (MPG close to CT by at least 7mpg, and base price at least within $3,000 of the CT). The A-Class is the sole reason I'm not at a Lexus dealer today. Please Deliever.

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