Feature Flick: 2010 Dodge Viper ACR Blitzes the Nurburgring

We already knew that the 2010 Dodge Viper ACR holds the record for mass-market production cars at the Nurburgring, but Dodge has finally released the video to prove it.

Dodge released two videos: one promotional reel and one full-length video to commemorate the broken record. We also know now that the driver of the winning car was Dominik Farnbacher, who has previously raced in the American Le Mans Series, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and the 24 Hours of Nurburgring. All told, the Viper ACR set a record of 7:12.13, roughly two seconds less than the last record holder, the Lexus LFA Nurburgring.

Only time will tell how long the ACR’s record will stand, but in the mean time, enjoy the videos below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: Chrysler

Click here for video

Click here for video

Graham Henckel
The 2008-2010 Viper ACR came equipped with Michelin Sport Cup tires standard. If you bother to check out photos of the car during the run, you'll clearly see it had these treaded street tires. Yes, they are a high-performance tire, but they are a factory-equipped street legal tire on every ACR built. As to your other point, I wouldn't dare to speculate about what Chrysler-Fiat and the combined power of Ferrari / Viper might accomplish. Perhaps we can just wait and see... We can leave it for the world to judge whether they consider the Radical sports racers, or a Gumpert, to be "production cars". There are over 20,000 Vipers on the road today, clearly putting Viper into the realm of production cars. Take a quick look at these other "production cars" (the Radical, etc) and determine for yourself whether this is a true road car or not.
I realize Americans can't do math in their heads, but the Gumbert Apollo has a recorded time of 7:11:57, which is faster than 7:12:13. 11 is less than 12. 12-11=1. Oh, and you should really believe the marketing department of car company, they would never lie.
Nice try, but the "record" is a lie, Gumbert still holds that record @ 7:11. Even if it had stock tires (Vipers were never sold with those tires), the rest of the car is unlikely a street car. Regardless, even with the FIAT buyout, Chrysler is still swirling the bowl and can't afford to develop a new Viper.
"if you can drive it" Viper is the #1 car for fatal wrecks among this class.
Sure they were.
Here come the excuses and conspiracy theories. The Viper ACR was taken off of the dealer floor. Street legal and all including the OEM tires folks. Rather than curl up in a corner sucking your thumb over this record why not try to reclaim it instead? Kudos to Dodge and the USA for kicking @ass at the Ring! You've raised the bar yet again!
Congratulations Dodge!!!! Nice to see an American car holds the record for a production car. Dodge and GM are making us proud. I hope to see the Camaro ZL1 accomplish some respectable times. Even though none of us (average drivers) will ever drive our cars at the Nurburgring, it is great our cars are that capable.
Graham Henckel
The tires were straight off the shelf. And they weren't even fresh! At least Viper shows you the car (and the tires). GM and Lexus never let you see the car... and Porsche is so arrogant that proof is not required?! The brash American kicked the German's butt on their home field. Amen.
Yes, it was agreed that this is marketing. But if you think anyone who buys any supercar can turn the company's respective 'Ring time you're out of your mind. The boasting of a best lap time is simply that - boasting. It proves that you don't need a car that costs upwards of $120K with technology out that wazoo to have a great performance car. Who cares if some limited production run Gumpert ran a faster time. What's the likelihood of running across one on the road? None. The Viper is a great performance car, if you can drive it. Which you most likely can't. So, rather than knock the Viper for being crude, show respect for what it can achieve.
Lol Wut?
The car was on Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires, and the car was literally driven off the showroom floor. The tires are DOT legal and stock.
The Ring record attempts were just fine and valid when the Viper didn't beat the record. There was a point to it especially if you're a fan of the car that held (<- Past Tense folks HELD) the record. However, once the record is shattered by the Viper ACR (which is completely stock down to the tires)...somehow the attempt is pointless. To this I say BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Suck it folks! Cry, cry, cry as you might. Make all of the excuses you can think of. But, the reality of it is this: An out of production, 2010 Viper ACR fresh off of the dealers' showroom floor beat the so-called production cars that held the record which cost 2x, 3x, 4x more than the Viper. Yep, that big, bad, American-made Viper just spanked, slapped and outright violated the ZR1 and embarrassed the Lexus. Please contine to cry. It pleases me.
So, you think anyone who buys a Viper ACR can turn 7:12 at the Nurburgring? I guess to sell these pointless vehicles, you have to think like a 14 year old. Sure, this car can be fast, but it hardly takes great engineering talent to put a massive bus engine in a car and hire the world's top driver to prove some kind of point. Besides, 7:12 is not the record for a production vehicle, that still belongs to the Gumbert Apollo, and for all these "records", no one is actually verifying that they are production cars. It's just marketing.
The point of breaking this record and promoting the vehicle is to show just how good the Viper is, that, even though it is currently out of production, it can still beat the best efforts of manufacturers that are still spending countless hours perfecting higher dollar machines with more technology. The simple fact that Dodge's previous generation car can beat anyone's current supercar effort is something to be applauded. This only means the next generation Viper will be better - putting the world on notice. To me Dodge is saying "If you think 7:12 is good, wait for the next generation Viper."
I'm not sure what these records are worth, this track is more about the driver. Any two drivers can be 10 seconds apart. I doubt these records are on street tires, the car may be "stock", but the tires are not. And the point of Dodge promoting a car they don't sell anymore is...?

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