Jaguar Teases Facelifted 2012 XF Sedan Before New York Debut

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After a little more than two years of production, Jaguar believe it's time to revamp its award-winning XF sedan. So, what’s in store for the company’s mid-level offering in 2012?

A facelift, certainly. These supposed spy photos -- shot and provided by the cunning PR folk at Jaguar Land Rover -- show the 2012 XF parading about with psychedelic, lens-fooling camouflage draped over its front clip and hind quarters. We’re still waiting to see what cosmetic tweaks Jag’s instilled out back, but a front view shows the new XF receives slender headlamps patterned after those on the larger XJ.

Thus far, Jaguar hasn’t disclosed what -- if any -- mechanical updates are in store revamped U.S-spec XF models. Seeing as a new engine range was introduced for the 2010 model year, we wouldn’t be surprised if the car continues to soldier on with the current direct-injection 5.0-liter V-8, along with two supercharged forms of the same direct-injection five-liter engine.

Abroad, however, Jaguar has at least one new engine up its sleeve. European XF models will now be available with a 2.2-liter turbo-diesel I-4 (previously, the diesel offering was a 3.0-liter V-6). Jaguar does note the oil-burner will be mated with an eight-speed automatic, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the transmission -- not the diesel itself -- eventually winds up in XFs being shipped to North America. Jag notes the car pictured is simply a development mule, but the company could have easily installed and tested the four-cylinder diesel in a standard XF without amending -- and photographing -- the beast you see here.

We’ll know more in short order, for Jaguar is expected to unveil the updated, upgraded XF at the New York auto show in mid-April. Stay with Automobile Magazine for the latest news on both the XF and other debuts from the Big Apple.

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Evan McCausland
Craig: Indeed they are, but we've been told by sources to expect a facelift. Look closely, and you'll see some variance from the current car. Quite frankly, Jag could have easily have crafted a "NEW 2.2-LITRE DIESEL ENGINE DEVELOPMENT MULE" without amending any sheetmetal if a facelift weren't in the cards. We chose to focus on the sheetmetal shown in this release -- not the diesel -- because, as we note, the cosmetic tweaks stand a far better chance of arriving in our market than the oil-burner does.
Craig Jones
This isn't a new facelifted XF, but a develoment mule for the new 2.2 litre diesl engine that's going to be in the XF. The press release that Jaguar issued Wednesday states "NEW 2.2-LITRE DIESEL ENGINE DEBUTS IN JAGUAR XF DEVELOPMENT MULE" and those 2 photograps are from that same press release.

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