Edo Competition Creates the World’s Fastest Lamborghini

2009 Edo Competition Lp 710

Edo competition is responsible for some astonishing cars including a street legal version of the Ferrari FXX and the Maserati MC XX. It has now combined forces with designer Christian Audigier to build the world’s fastest Lamborghini.

The ‘basic’ Lamborghini Mucielago LP 640 is an incredible car, but for some it’s not enough. That’s where edo competition steps in and creates the LP 710, yes 710 stands for 710 hp. With 710 hp the LP 710 runs from 0-60 in under 3.2 seconds. The LP 710 starts life as a normal LP 640, but when it gets to edo competition’s headquarters the car is completely disassembled. The engine, aerodynamics, wheels, exhaust, and interior are all redone to the factory (and customer) specifications.

In order to differentiate the LP 710 from the base LP 640, designer Christian Audigier creates a design to the customer’s satisfaction. That design in turn is applied to a chic coat of matte-black exterior paint and is carried over into the alcantara rich interior.

With the purchase of an LP 710, the customer gets an opportunity to test the car’s (and driver’s) limit at the high speed oval in Papenburg, Germany or Nardo, Italy. At the customer’s request professional driver Patrick Simon will sit shotgun as a coach. With a top speed over 200 mph, the coach may be advisable. Only five of these cars will be built and each will be unique, as the owner ultimately decides on the design.

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