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2009 Subaru Forester

Read Jason Cammisa's comments on driving the 2009 Subaru Forester.

This was a complete base model for $19k, and it's a lot of car for that money. So I might have felt compelled to listen to the Indigo Girls while driving, but that's all good... I briefly touched 30 mpg in normal (okay, not "normal" for me - but slow-paced) driving, which is pretty impressive. Then again, there's not much testosterone dripping out from under the hood - and the flat-four isn't as smooth as I remember it being in other Subarus. If you're patient, you can be very smooth driving the Forester, though it doesn't communicate much with the driver - and I suspect that's just fine with its customers, most of whom probably won't opt for the manual anyway.

In terms of interior materials and fit and finish, the Forester is a big step up from the previous model - and it's a nice place to spend time. The enormous sunroof is pretty awesome, and stays reasonably quiet at moderate speeds. At highway speeds, there's a lot of wind noise around the A-pillars, but I guess this is a pretty upright vehicle. Behind the wheel, it gives you that same sense of competent indifference that you get from the Impreza, which is nice. Vehicular Valium is never a bad thing-especially when you're already chill from listening to the Girls.

Indigo Girls? So the rumor about the segment of the population that likes Foresters is true? So be it. Aside from knowing my dealership's service team a little too well, I really like my '03 and I hope to drive it until the wheels fall off.
This sure is a nice car, also safe too. I found a interesting picture here <a href="http://www.carchannel.be/nl/artikel/subaru/telex-de-subaru-forester-gaat-voor-alle-sterren">Subaru Forester</a> where you can see all the airbags that are available in this car :D.
This sure is a nice car, also safe too. I found a interesting picture here http://www.carchannel.be/nl/artikel/subaru/telex-de-subaru-forester-gaat-voor-alle-sterren where you can see all the airbags that are available in this car :D.
Subaru has taken the previous Forester, already a winner in its own right, to further levels toward perfection. My '09 2.5X Premium is averaging 27 mpg with as high as 35 mpg on one highway trip. Interior room has been increased and rear seat now accommodates real people nicely. Fit and finish inside and out is excellent. It handles beautifully and even with automatic it is a joy to drive. And that giant sunroof, oops, moonroof, makes it almost like driving a drop top. Granola crunching Subaru fans need not sing the blues. While this latest Forester is more mainstream, it is still a Subaru. It's rated 1st among its peers and it's a no brainer as to why it has achieved this status.
Isn't all this 'indifference' what moto-journalists have for 30 years described as 'problems' in American cars?Seems they are acceptable, if the car is Japanese?

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