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2009 Acura Tsx

Read Jason Cammisa's comments on driving the 2009 Acura TSX.

I'm not sure why Acura decided to hit the TSX with an ugly stick - the last one was great looking, and this one is over-done and contrived. At least it offers the same driving experience - I love driving a rev-happy, short-geared four-cylinder sedan with a precise, short-throw shifter... it reminds me of a time where cars didn't need 1000 hp to be fun. The TSX is easy to be smooth in, and although the steering is a little nervous (and a lot sensitive to crosswinds), it's a relaxing car to drive quickly. I don't like the Bluetooth phone integration - it refused to work seamlessly with the Blackberry, and there was a huge amount of static, even when the phone wasn't connected.

The backup camera's display is bright and clear, but I'm not in love with the rest of the display's functions. Give me regular buttons any day over this interface - or even Audi's MMI. The short sixth gear means no downshifting is necessary to maintain speeds up hills on the highway. We're all getting a little too spoiled with power, and the TSX is one of those cars that reminds us you don't need to have power to have fun. And its lack of torque means no torque steer - a nice change in a front-wheel-drive sedan.

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