EDITORS NOTEBOOK: 2008 Infiniti EX35, Day 1

David Gluckman

Read Marc Noordeloos's comments on driving the 2008 Infiniti EX35.

The EX35 drives like a slightly lifted G35 sedan, which is overall a good thing. The vehicle has nice, linear steering although it gets a bit heavy and numb on the highway. At least the chassis likes to dance and is quite impressive. That said, the ride is slightly harsh at times and the suspension is noisy over small bumps in the city. I always feel at home shortly after driving away in an Infiniti. This is something that cannot be said for most Japanese cars. It's funny, Lexus has been more successful than Infiniti but the Nissan-based company makes far better cars. I do wish they started fitting more gears than offered by the five-speed auto.

Looking at the styling, it doesn't look so good, nothing like its older brother, the FX. The EX carries the same funky jelly-mold look that the G35 is cursed with. The G37 coupe is the only decent looking one of the G/EX group. Interior space on the EX is comically small. The FX was never known for being spacious and the EX makes this now an Infiniti crossover trait. I am surprised the car has power folding seats in the back as the driver could almost reach the rear seats it is so tight. Also, I don't like how similar the volume and temperature knobs are, as it seems to get cold every time I try to turn down the music.

If you need (or think you want) a small SUV/Crossover, you don't need any space, and you want excellent driving dynamics, the EX may be your ticket. The car also reminds me that the next FX could be something special. I love the looks of the present FX but dynamically it is quite lacking and it rides like a truck.

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