EDITORS NOTEBOOK: 2008 Honda Odyssey

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2008 Honda Odyssey Front View

Read Rusty Blackwell's comments on driving the 2008 Honda Odyssey.

I have yet to spend much time in the new Chrysler minivans, but the Honda is definitely still a top contender in this ultrafunctional-yet-subcool category. I particularly like the seats and the nice-feeling Honda switchgear. That said, several electrical issues/settings annoyed me a lot: -the XM subscription wasn't always recognized (a new start cycle corrected this issue all three times)

-in order to get out of the car or open the power doors, you have to push the unlock switch on the door (or on the key fob)—I'm sure this is just a kid-safety feature, but I hope there’s an override function that I missed for all this autolocking

-the trip odometer automatically reset after I filled the car with gas (lemme get this straight, my passenger can’t leave the car without fumbling for the unlock switch, but the trip is happy to reset itself with no prompting from the driver … ); -the touchscreen calibration is slightly off (just as it was when we first received our Four Seasons Ridgeline).

In addition, I'm pretty sure I can feel the ECO three-cylinder mode kicking off, since the Odyssey has a surgey/hybrid feel about the time that the ECO light turns off. If that's not enough, the VSA stability control is so power-zappingly intrusive that I had to turn it off whenever I was driving around town, else the horsepower would be delayed at the wrong moment.

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