Does the Honda Concept C Give Sneak Peek of Future Accord?

It was once the brand that specialized in “surprise and delight” with its elegant and innovative engineering, responsive controls and a general level of class-leading refinement and sophistication. But Honda’s models are suddenly no longer the class leaders they once were, being upstaged by the Koreans, and a resurgent and determined Volkswagen in the form of the new Passat. With its upcoming line of Earth Dreams power trains, as well as the stunning NSX concept believed to be a close indication of the production model, things are looking up. But there is still some question if the revival is fully underway.

Remember the Accord Coupe concept shown at the 2012 Detroit show? Don’t feel bad if you don’t. For all intents and purposes, it looked like a mid-cycle refresh of the current model. The assembled media’s disappointment was palpable. Certainly, the new line of engines showed innovation and promise, but styling-wise, it broke no new ground.

If the coupe concept shown in Detroit is an indication of what the next-generation Accord is going to look like, then styling changes will be evolutionary, at best. However, a concept shown at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show shows an entirely different potential styling direction for a midsize sedan, and one we generally find a lot more interesting.

The Honda Concept C pairs a bold front-end styling treatment with a coupe-like side profile that shows influences from the Mazda6 and Hyundai Sonata, two of the more adventurously-styled models in the traditionally staid midsize segment. Although the chrome-laden beak on the concept may not be universally adored by all onlookers, overall, it is a huge improvement over the understated and somewhat dated lines of the current model.

If the Detroit coupe concept is indicative of a mid or late-cycle refresh on the current model with more comprehensive mechanical changes, we’d be inclined to be accepting of the mild change. But as the styling direction of a new, re-invigorated, re-energized Honda, we much prefer the Concept C.

Should the next Accord look more like the coupe concept from Detroit, or the Concept C from Beijing? Which do you think is a more likely candidate to be the next Accord? Share your thoughts below.


When oh when will the gratuitous creases and arches and lines and seams and angles come to an end? Where is Robert Cumberford when you desperately need him to bring the Honda designers to their senses? From the front it looks like the new Camry (not a good thing) from the back it looks like the new Civid (not a good thing). From the side, it's just a mess. Surely this isn't what the production Accord will resemble.
i like the concept C a lot though the front end is overdone - especially the vents in front of the front wheels to cool the brakes. honda needs to pick up where it left off with the futuristic styling of the last civic and apply it to the accord. the futuristic look will communicate to the public the advances the brand is working on under the hood for future engines. and, the futuristic look will be a big improvement over the stodgy accord sedan design currently in production. oddly, i have never liked the looks of the accord coupe. honda might be better served by VW CC type version over the coupe.
Aaron Stein
I think it looks way too much like the current (new) toyota camry
call me blind but this looks like the current acura TL, honda has the best 2.4L I-4 in the business but the styling since the last redesign is just awful
With Honda's latest screw ups, one never knows. And if the above Concept is any indication of future Honda's they need to get rid of humongous "H" wing on the grill. That is UGLY! Reminds me of the Edsels of the 50s' with the huge nose in the grill..

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