Dodge Unveils Challenger Stock Car for NASCAR Nationwide Series

Ever wonder what a Dodge Challenger would look like dressed up in NASCAR garb? Your questions have been answered.

Dodge, along with partner Penske Racing, unveiled its new Challenger stock car, designed for the NASCAR Nationwide Series. Both of Penske’s Nationwide drivers -- Justin Allgaier and Brad Keselowski -- are slated to pilot Challengers in the 2010 series.

Chrysler’s release is otherwise limited on details -- appropriate, considering the Challenger will only compete in a limited series. NASCAR will allow the Challenger (along with Ford’s new Mustang Nationwide car) to compete in four “New Car” races across the season. For the other 31 races, both Allgaier and Keselowski will pilot their usual Charger-inspired stock cars.

The first “New Car” race will be held at Daytona in July 2010, but Allgaier is expected to take his Challenger out for testing at Talladega later this afternoon.

cedrick mccormick
i truly must say we're all living in a time of many changes and from the time i had got my first wheels if fell in love with speed l im a racing fan nascar never left u.s. it just trying to keep up w h the,changing of time this is the u.s.a. cars, women, and apple pies now lets go racing lll
Beautiful. Just like the old days. But, with NASCAR now using a common body, and only stickers differentiating the various makes, why bother? I miss the old days when Chevy stock cars were actually Chevys, Dodges were Dodges and Fords were Fords. It's one of the MANY reasons I don't watch these races anymore; it isn't natural or real any longer, it's corporate.
Looks bad-ass. This may be enough for me to start watching NASCAR again.

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