Dodge Launches Viper Record Tour, Aims To Set Lap Records From Coast to Coast

It seems the Dodge marketing folks love a good cross-country trip -- or perhaps two. While the SRT team is busy planning a grassroots tour to show off its latest muscle machines, another group is busy plotting a way to set new lap records from coast to coast with a 2010 Viper ACR.

Dubbed the Viper Record Tour ’11, the trip expounds on Dodge’s previous attempts to have the performance-tuned ACR set production car lap records on legendary courses. Previous runs took place at the Monticello Motor Club, Sebring International Raceway, New Jersey Motorsports Park, and -- of course -- the infamous Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Sounds cool, but why launch such a tour now, one year after the last Viper rolled off the Connor Avenue assembly line in Detroit? Representatives tell us the tour is a good way to keep Dodge’s halo car in enthusiasts’ minds until an all-new model debuts in late 2012. Hell, it's also a fun way to keep the car in the limelight, at that...

At this stage, there’s still a lot left to be set in stone. No drivers have been publically announced, although a source close to the tour tells us Canadian racer Kumo Wittmer -- the driver who set the production car lap record at Miller Motorsports Park with an ACR -- is expected to behind the wheel at least part of the time.

Also missing at this point is a fully established schedule. We’re told the two remaining Viper Cup races -- at Texas World Speedway and Daytona, respectively-- are “shoe-ins” for record runs, given Dodge already has both the track and the requisite support staff lined up for those events. Another possibility lies with lumping further record attempts with any of the remaining SRT Track Experience programs for the very same reason.

Until we know for sure, enjoy some video of the Viper ACR's previous record-smashing runs...

New Jersey Motorsports Park Lap Record

Click here for video

Sebring Lap Record

Click here for video

Nürburgring Lap Record

Click here for video

Miller Motorsports Park Lap Record

Race Car
ZR1 and Z06 Nurburg times were ran on limited runs. ZR1 required two laps because it more of a hand full on track. Z06 only did one lap for its time. Less horse power and its better balanced for track.ACR will always need more laps because has to be manual adjusted by a crew. I think corvette engineer has more time in new model then other driver.Mangusson will better this time with more seat time.I know there were a few warms in each car . Adjust PTM to 5 setting and sport for shocks it's a fast lap after that. ACR-X should be thrown in also.
2010 ACR has a shorter (and hence usable) fifth gear which alone should save a few seconds off the main straight. ACR time was done with only 4 laps total - Mero and Magnusson probably each have 400+ in the ZR1. Obviously not all clear laps in good weather, but with the gear change and 20-30 good laps of practice in good weather, 2010 ACR should be good for 7:11-ish. This is no statement of which car is "better". Mero's 7:26 is still the ballsiest production car lap I've ever seen.
Race Car
2010 ACR has yet to see Nurburg stats say. There were some upgrades to the final year. Look at times stats say. Leguna and some others did see this models stats say.Records were set at every track it ran on stats say. I'm not a big ACR fan but car is the real deal stat says.I believe with upgraded pilot sport cup tire it will equal or better ZR1 time. It will have a better driver than Chevy engineer .
Check your stats. new ZR1 ran 7.19 at the ring on Pilot Cup tires same as on ACR.
The CAR has been compared to the ZR1 where it matters: Nurburgring. The best anyone has done in a 2012 Corvette is 7:26, Viper, 7:22.
Race Car
It's about time, that track monster needs some work. They need to take it to bedford and top gear test track too. It should be a world wide tour. There are several foreign tracks it has yet to see or run. ACR should be at least first or second on them.ZR1 has seen more tracks then ACR. With option rear wing and other goodies, ZR1 has a chance to dethrown the champ.This should make things interesting.2012 ZR1 vs 2010 ACR head to head with the best drivers should be in the works. No one has yet to run these two head to head in any mag article yet.

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