Diesel Rumor: 2013 Chevrolet Cruze May Get Turbo-Diesel I-4

The 2011 Chevrolet Cruze Eco model is designed to eke as much fuel economy from General Motors’ latest compact offering, but there may soon be another fuel-stingy Cruze variant heading to the United States. New reports suggest a turbo-diesel model may arrive in North America by 2013.

The report comes from GM Inside News, which says sources at GM’s assembly plant in Lordstown, Ohio -- the sole plant responsible for building Cruzes for North American markets -- suggest the diesel is destined for the Cruze’s engine bay. Our own sources have previously mentioned one of GM’s small-displacement diesel engines would eventually wind up in a North American product, but neglected to provide either a timeframe or potential product.

According to GMI, management informed Lordstown employees that at least one version of GM’s 2.0-liter turbo-diesel I-4 will enter production next year. An engineering source has reportedly confirmed the engine option as well, suggesting the diesel could be optional for the 2013 model year.

Precise power output and fuel economy figures are still unclear at this point, but we can form a rough estimate based upon the 2.0-liter’s performance in other parts of the globe. In European guise, the engine cranks out 163 horsepower and 265 pound-feet of torque. European-spec Cruze diesels fitted with the engine are rated at 42 mpg combined on the European test cycle. In comparison, the base 1.8-liter I-4 offered here in the U.S. achieves 32 mpg on the same test cycle.

We can confirm that turbo-diesel Cruze prototypes are presently running around GM’s Milford Proving Grounds, but our inside source refrained from commenting on production. If GMI’s report proves correct, the car could hit Chevy dealers across the U.S. in time for the 2013 model year.

What do you think about a turbo-diesel Cruze? Is there room for a diesel-powered compact sedan in the U.S. market that isn’t produced by Volkswagen? Send us your thoughts on the matter via the comments section below.

Source: GM Inside News

as soon as the diesel cruze is available with manual trans .I will be in line .some people think becouse we dont run to the nearest vw dealer that we dont want diesels .finaly Gm made a good looking small car.Hope its available with diesel before they make it to ugly
I sure hope they come out with a cruze diesel, maybe even a two door model for the young crowd like the colbot. My family and I have been looking at different vehicles and models. Even though some get better fuel mileage I still come back to the Cheverlot / GMC. I really like the looks and drive of the cruze just haven't broke down to purchase one yet because heard about coming out with the diesel in 2013, so holding out to see what comes of it (just hope don't make the mistake of waiting for something thats not happening). More daughter drives a volkswagon "diesel Jetta" and gets great mileage, but said would trade it in if GM comes out with a diseal that she can afford.
Its about time the Americans started thinking with their heads and not their bank accounts. My golf TDI is a 01 and has 233k mi, and I still avg 48mpg highay/city. Thats 605 mi a tank for those interested. VW/Audi needs the competition. Hope chevy doesnt screw this for the Americans, like they did with the LUV in the 70's/80's
After driving a Dodge 2500 powered by a Cummins I-6 turbo diesel, I became fascinated by the idea of a mid-sized sedan powered by a modern common-rail turbo diesel. Automobile manufacturers try to find out what consumers want, then they build or engineer to suit. I think most consumers in the market for a small to mid-sized sedan want the power and torque of a V-6 with the fuel economy of a hybrid, not to mention the added reliability which is inherent to diesel engines, and no expensive battery cells to replace. The automobile industry rarely leads the consumer, but if Chevrolet leads the market with a well-engineered turbo diesel sedan, the consumer will follow.
This development is very exciting. Once consumers test drive a diesel and experience the torque equivalent of a large v6 or small v8 in a 4 cylinder they will be hooked. The 1.4 gasoline turbo makes respectable HP for the size for the car but is only able to squeeze 148Lb torque out of the motor vs the 265LB you get in diesel, a 79% increase! I drove a VW Jetta TDI and was impressed with the way the motor pulls however I'm concerned with quality, the fact it's made in Mexico (if I'm paying 23K+ for a car I want to support US jobs), and it uses a timing belt not a chain (WHY?). The diesel power-train will in real world driving conditions will average about 8-15MPG better than the gas in a small car application. Not an significant savings when you add it up but it's not always about pure MPG. If MPG were the only factor to consider we would all be driving underpowered CVT driven slow hybrids. The fun-to-drive factor is extremely important to the American consumer followed by fuel economy and reliability. The diesel cruze should hit a home run in all these categories. Not to mention resale value of diesels, my 6 year old diesel truck is worth 50% more than the same truck with gas engine. I will put down my deposit for a diesel cruze if: motor uses a timing chain (vs Belt), Mostly built in the US, available with 6 speed manual.
Please do it!!! But don't screw up the tranny. Give it a decent manual gearbox and of course a slushbox for those that are incapable. The importance of the tranny cannot be stressed enough when it comes to diesel engines.
i would love one.i just bought chevy suburban 99 diesel.gm stopped making diesel suburbans after 1999.they tried to bring it back in 2007,but they didn't.that made me feel sad.now i see there is still a hope.i'll be waiting for it.
Honda, are you reading? Diesel US-spec Civic! Post-haste!
Dennis McLeod
Can't wait for it to arrive. Sure hope they have a hatchback in it. Had an 86 Ford Tempo LX Diesel that was the love of my life, then went to a Jetta. What a let down that was for comfort. The sooner they bring on other diesels the sooner I will be getting a new one. VW needs the competition.
Its about time. Hopefully they will do one step better and combine diesel with a light duty hybrid.. Hopefully Ford will put a diesel in their F-150. I have had my VW Jetta TDI for 200k miles, and I still average 44 mpg.. GM, Give us more Diesel options!!..
I'm always saying I don't know why they don't put diesel engine's in the U.S cars like the do in Europe, and no finally! gm has got the right idea. bout time
Absolutely, the more turbo diesel engines available in passenger cars the better. They are cleaner, more efficient and pack much more power per gallon of fuel.
Totally ! I love my '10 Jetta TDi 6-Speed man. The more oil burners thee better :)
Green Machine
Good job GM. I hope you do not damage the rep of modern diesel engines like you did in the 80s. Now, I hope Ford gets in tge game and offer a diesel Explorer or Flex.
Bring it on. Make mine little Chevy diesel a Cruze hatchback or better yet an Orlando wagon! I'll be watching this space.
This is great!! The sooner the better.Me want one.
YES! We would buy one in a heartbeat.

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