Design Car Online, Win Real-Life 2013 Ford Mustang

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How's this for an incentive to spend more time online: Ford plans to pick four "dream cars" designed by web users on its Mustang Customizer website, and build them in real life. Later this year, Ford will give away a customized Mustang V-6, GT, Boss 302, and Shelby GT500 to the cars' creators.

Ford recently updated its customizer website to feature the 2013 Mustang in all its four variants: the 305-hp V-6, 420-hp GT, 444-hp Boss 302, and 662-hp Shelby GT500. Users can tweak almost every part of the car, from picking new wheels and spoilers, to repainting the body and adding brash hood scoops. Customers apparently list the potential for modification and customization as one of their top reasons for buying a Ford Mustang, which inspired to the creation of this web tool so allows owners and fans could dream up their ideal car.

Since Ford first launched the customizer feature in September 2011, one million users have created 4.1 million different Mustangs. Users can "battle" their virtual Mustangs to see which ones are voted as favorites; so far 5.1 million votes have been cast.

Designing modified cars, sharing them on social media sites, and voting on other peoples' rides will earn you points in the customizer tool. When it comes time for Ford to pick the four lucky winners of a real-world Ford Mustang, each 1000 points amassed online counts for one contest entry. By spending more time customizing cars -- and especially by customizing the hotter models like the GT500 -- users have a better chance of winning a car in the real world. Ford promises to make the winner's car as close to the online version as possible.

The customizer also has links to download an engine-rev sound for each of the four Ford Mustang models. Because the sound can be downloaded as an MP3 file, it could be used as a ringtone or part of your workout playlist.

The bottom line is this: spend some time carefully designing the Ford Mustang of your dreams online, and it just might come to fruition as a gift from the Blue Oval. You can design your car at Ford's website, or by downloading the Mustang Customizer app for Apple iPhone and iPad or Android.

Source: Ford

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