Would You Ditch The Spare Tire To Improve Fuel Economy?

Almost every car I have owned has had a flat at some time. Nails, glass, etc are the cause. If you drive into the country or buy a house where there is construction going on, then you may get a flat. Try driving home from the cottage at 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM and try and get a flat changed. I would rather do it myself than wait for hours to get the Motor League. The cost could be $100. to $200. at this time of day and you still have to buy a new tire. Worse still, you could get a $300. towing bill, have to stay in a motel overnight and wait until the tire dealer opens. GM will not be getting my business.
Brad DaPont
Spare tires hark back to the days when cars were equipped with hand cranks. Modern tires and roads aren't worth the cost, weight and 'security' of a spare tire.
I think that the spare tire is required. Tires can be damaged severely and deemed beyond repair. In that situation the vehicle could be a long way from any service station. The driver and vehicle could be stranded far from cell service. Safety is the priority and not fuel economy. Keep the spare tire as standard. However, offer the new car purchaser a rebate of $100 for not taking the spare tire. Then offer the same tire for sale at the GM dealerships for $100.
Neither my 2008 or my current 2011 Mazda MX5 Miata have had a spare, just an “inflater” which fortunately I have never had to use.
Ben James
Keep the spare ... blow outs and tire shredding are too common place.
With motor club policies that provide for flat tire services, gas delivery, towing etc. a spare is probably not all that important, especially if the "inflater" actually works as GM thinks it will (?). However, true to form, GM's perspective on the tire pressure monitor making people check and maintain proper tire pressure is naive.
Maria & bernhard
Go for it. As long as I had many cars, I have never had to use the full size or donut size spare!
Inflators do nothing for sidewall blowouts. Having a sidewall blow out on I-10 between Phoenix and LA in the summer could be more than an inconvenience. That combined with the lack of cell-phone coverage could make it deadly. Keep the spare -- except for BEVs that are not meant to travel between cities anyway.
Absolutely not. I want a full-sized spare tire. An inflator will not help you when you run over a nail/screw in the road. Probably 99 percent of all flat tires come from road hazards, not improper inflation.
Ditch it. I am pretty sure the donut in my car is flat anyway. Speaking of which, I better go check the tire pressure on my donut.
Ditch it!

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