CR Calls MyFord Touch a “Complicated Distraction,” Snubs Ford Edge and Chevy Tahoe

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Never shy from rating anything a mass number of consumers can get their hands on, Consumer Reports has tested a handful of new SUVs and crossovers, but none were able to crack the magazine’s “Recommended” list.

First up, the 2011 Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX were simultaneously dropped from consideration based on its low test scores. The Chevrolet Tahoe, which is getting on in years, was marked down for its “ungainly” handling and lengthy stopping distances. On top of its SUV traits, the interior fit and finish was identified as not being up to par for the $57,435 as-tested price it commanded.

“All three of these vehicles have a number of strengths, but each had some notable weaknesses that forced their testing scores to fall below our standard for a recommended SUV,” said David Champion, senior director of the CR Auto Test Center.

The newest Infiniti QX56, Hemi-powered Jeep Grand Cherokee, and Porsche Cayenne fared favorably in instrumented and subjective testing; however, their youth on the market and a lack of readily available reliability data meant CR also couldn’t slap the “Recommended” tag on the three SUVs.


MyFord Touch and MyLincoln Touch, heavily advertised for their functionality and purported ease of use through numerous media advertisements, were noted as the primary cause for leaving the Edge and MKX off the “Recommended” list. CR claims the technology is “a complicated distraction while driving. In addition, first-time users might find it impossible to comprehend. The system did not always perform as promised.”

The interactive Ford system offers access to climate control, sound, and navigation system controls through voice commands and an eight-inch touch-screen display on the center stack.

As with any new technology, the learning curve will vary widely per individual user, especially when it comes to electronics. If you’ve taken a spin with MyFord Touch or the affiliated MyLincoln Touch systems, what did you think of the user interface? Was it “impossible to comprehend?”

i have a 2011 ford edge also with my touch screen nav, and it is horrible.I think it has to be one of the most ill conceived and poorly executed control system in a modern vehicle.its distracting even when its functioning properly,unfortuantly thats only 50% of the time.I have a hard time accepting this car and its faults and am contemplating giving it back and using the NY lemon law to do so.this will be my fourth time to try and fix the interface in 5 months time.Radio,bluetooth,thermostat,nav all dont function properly and the whole driving experience is ruined.
I tested an edge and within minutes in the dealer parking lot, I was able to master the basics. I purchased an edge and spent some more time learning other features. I love the vehicle. Sure it has a learning curve, it has technology that has never before been in a vehicle. Bottom line is if you want to step in a car and know everything about it's operation immediately, THE EDGE IS NOT FOR YOU! But, if you appreciate the innovations the edge has to offer and are willing to spend a little time with it, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
Jerry Stigliano
I completely agree with Steve! I was really only considering the Edge because of my love of automotive electronics. The lack of buttons (why isn't the oversized volume also a nav controller?) forces the driver to constantly look at the screen with tiny tiny virtual buttons. Further, multiple "touches" frequently caused unintended results. Forget about wearing gloves, too! I'm not at all a fan of touchscreens unless they're like my current '09 Murano which is instantaneous and has larger "buttons". At over $43,000 for a loaded Edge, the poor audio/phone/hvac performance caused me to immediately take it off my consideration list. Oh, and the Sony audio system has a horrible loudness issue: I like bass but if you crank it up the loudness - and all bass - go off at about half volume. Trying to navigate the audio controls to adjust bass/treble while driving is a daunting task...especially at speed. I'm alone in my car 99% of the time so I don't have a wingman to master the overbearing controls. I love electronics, but only when they're intuitive, seamless and mostly... FAST. Sorry Ford, you just lost one customer here (and I wouldn't want the vehicle without all the goodies).
I tested the MyFord Touch (clumsy name) during a test drive of a 2011 Edge. I found the system comprehensive but not intuitive. After about 20 mins of use I'd figured it out but I have a BS in computer science and over 15 years working in the computer design industry. The most annoying thing I found is how slow the system is to respond. This is simply unacceptable. Given the seemingly unlimited power source in a car Ford (or whomever OEMs the system) should have chosen a more capable CPU. I look forward to the next version as I feel this and similar systems are the future of in car electronics.

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