Could Volvo’s V60 Come to the U.S. as a Hybrid?

In its current guise, Volvo’s new V60 won’t be sold in the United States, but new reports suggest executives are looking at potentially offering the wagon in our market as a hybrid.

The Volvo lovers at Swedespeed sat down with Volvo CEO Stefan Jacoby during the Detroit auto show. When pushed about offering the V60 in the U.S., Jacoby indicated it could be brought to our market, but would need to offer something unique -- “like a hybrid” powertrain. Another source within the automaker confirmed Volvo’s product planners are considering such a vehicle.

Creating a hybrid wagon may seem like carving a niche from an already small niche (Volvo recently abandoned its conventional wagon offerings in the U.S. in favor of its XC line of crossovers), but it could very well cater to both Volvo and hybrid enthusiasts alike. Additionally, it would allow the company to sell its hybrid hardware in a unique vehicle package here in North America.

We wouldn’t be surprised if a V60 hybrid bears some mechanical resemblance to the diesel-electric plug-in hybrid system previously tested in V70 prototypes. The plug-in system, developed in partnership with Swedish utility company Vattenfall, provided a 745-mile range with both a full tank and a full charge (the EV-only range is roughly 30 miles), and achieve somewhere around 117 mpg on the European combined test cycle.

Volvo has promised to push this system into production in Europe by 2012, but there’s still no word on when such a system could arrive in the U.S., or if it will continue to be paired with a diesel when offered here in the States. You tell us, Volvo fans -- does the idea of a diesel-powered hybrid wrapped within the V60’s sleek sheet metal sound like something needed here in North America? Sound off in the comments section below.

Source: Swedespeed

rula kuly
need a wagon, would love a volvo, will not pay for 2012 tech in my next car. will go for the hybrid, but not plug-in as i live in a multi-fam dwelling
I guess the germans are just plain smarter than everyone else. That is the only reason I can figure that US cars (imp ort or domestic) are not offered with diesels, let alone diesel hybrids. We recently compared expected fuel mileage between a one ton truck with diesel vs. gas and even with the price disparity the diesel won out over 500 miles. Of course the American manufactures will only sell you one of these trucks for $10K more than the gas version which kind of eats up any savings. What price premium would be tacked on for the diesel hybrid v60? And then there is the problem for me concerning the fact that I only buy used vehicles. My current ride, a 2005 XC70, was purchased with 60,000 miles for over half off the sticker. I have never gotten less than 20mpg and as high as 35mpg. Usually between 22 and 28. It would have to be a huge savings for me to commit to a newish vehicle. Just the same, i love my volvo, its my first and plan to have it for my standard amount of time, 8-10 years.
Ellie Hooman
Should definitely offer this same model in us I don't have interest in another prius look alike I want a diesel hybrid. At least offer a way with your overseas program where you will retrofit to be street legal in us upon arrival.
Volvo needs to trust Americans that we can do the right thing, sometimes, and we are just waiting to do it, but we need these new diesel wagons to come now!!! Last year all my neighbors were mocking solar, now they are in a turkey fight to get them ahead of their neighbors. Please don't wait, take the jump now, we will buy!!!
tom minch
It looks like a cross between the V50 and C30. It needs to be more of a wagon in the back!
Dick Ovens
The V60 Plug in Diesel Hybrid is very nice looking and wish it would come here too. Why Europe buys diesel cars?? Fuel is really much pricier than in US. Just back from France; diesel sells for 1.41 Euro/Literor or more. Euro=$1.47 last week; and gas was higher at over 1.60 Euro/ liter. You can do the math for a gallon. They use diesels in about 1/3 cars. Noticed too, French drive very few Big three US vehicles. Plenty of Toyota, Nissan etc. from Japan and cars from other EU countries. Saw a few PT Cruisers, a few Jeeps, one Mustang out of over a thousand cars we passed in south France one morning. A local told me it wouldn't be right to buy an American car. We saw plenty of big fuel hog MBs and BMWs on their roads. Here near Denver diesel sells for several cents more than 85 - 87 octane gas. Prices on new diesel cars cost so much more than gassers; that even with diesel's better mpg most owners just don't see enough fuel saving to breakeven quickly or ever.
Please bring the Volvo V60 Hybrid to the states! I would buy in a heartbeat.
Now if they could come up with a clear whole car airbag that surrounds the car with a 4 foot cushion of air when a crash is unavoidable, making their cars death proof; that may be a safety innovation that gets enough major hype, to put Volvo on the map as an innovator. Unfortunately little else on the safety front gets much press beyond initial press releases. If however they would bring back the wagon as a plug in hybrid only that may be another story. Offer it as a base gasoline plug in hybrid and offer it as a diesel as an optional powertrain. Mercedes, a few years ago, promised a diesel hybrid M class and a diesel hybrid S class both getting over 30mpg and delivered gas instead. Having a diesel plug in hybrid, that maybe with American cycle could hit 70 mpg, would be the new green lux car to have, beating Toyota, GM, former parent company Ford and everyone else and would finally put make volvo more of an it car brand. Let's face it even innovative safety systems, are nice but they do not create the same buzz innovative powertrains do.
Everyone here is missing the point! Lets face it The oil Co's and corporations, Utilities ect run this country, thats why there's no small diesel trucks or cars. They will continue to go on about how our old and outdated our refineries are! for gas only . and if more autos used diesel fuel there would be a shortage! Last I knew any building that uses heating oil can also burn diesel! Oh yea how about the Cap and trade that Gore's people are pushing? And lets not forget the Urea Injection to offset any savings diesel cars might make. Just ask any heavy duty Diesel Meckanic about the added cost and complexity of that very expensive option! The cost of a New, NYC, Urea injected ,Clean burn Diesel Sanitation truck has almost doubled in 10 years! This is about more than wanting to save money on fues or gas.
Bruce Francey
Volvo -just bring the diesel hybrid to the U.S. and let us show you how it will sell . I have a diesel Sprinter and love it. I want the diesel hybrid as soon as i can get it.
Over the last few years, Volvo has been offering less and less choices to the American consumer. I hate to say it, but I don't even find their new offerings to be as comfortable as they use to be. The back seat in the new S60 is like sitting on the floor... not what I expect when getting into a Volvo. At least they still make the XC70....
Caleb kissling
Unreal concept, best of all worlds in an upscale car. Mileage you can feel really good about. I'm waiting to sell my Audi until the right vehicle comes along, and this is it. 2012??? Go for it Volvo, I haven't owned one of your cars since the 122S B18.....
Terry Cole
I have been waiting for a diesel hybrid. This wagon with AWD is what I have been waiting for.
Chris Yeaton
So, has anyone at Volvo been paying attention to VW/Audi TDI wagon sales over the past year? See any AWD, TDI options there? I don't, otherwise I would already own one (as well as many other buyers who bought Subarus and other AWD vehicles over the TDI when forced to make a choice). Oh, wait-Volvo has one for 2012, with even better mileage numbers, and green back story...but instead of offering it, even as a special order in the US to test the water, you will probably end up offering a gas version that is a shell of your EU model (just like every other car co). Please don't make us wait for a watered down V60!!!!
glenn hamilton
What is wrong with Volvo's auto leaders? Americans have been waiting for 15 years for a diesel/plug in hybrid. Look at the GM Volt. There is a waiting list. Very poor business sense! Battery techonology is moving in leaps and bounds. Pretty soon we will not use oil as the lit/ion batteries now can be recharged in 5 to 10 min. Maybe Volvo sees this and is working on a electric car with plug in? Lets be up front with the American public, Please!!!
raonull conover
We love the S60 and its tempting us. But the V60 hybrid checks every box my family could ever want in our next car. Its gonna be expensive-but please bring it to North America (so Canada too). With current gas prices going to the moon-this thing will send a new bench mark that will have Prius greenies dumping those ugly things off at the scrap yard (as nobody would buy one once the v60 takes over). Fill this niche-this is a game changing car!!
Ok, can someone PLEASE tell me why oh why the US never gets these fuel efficient vehicles? My son drives a vw tdi, but had to wait and wait and wait for the US to allow them in, then had to look forever to find one used. I'm a lifelong Volvo driver. Love the brand, but cannot in good conscience buy another one unless and until they get with the efficiency program. It's got to happen soon, or I'm on to a Japanese car. Maybe a Nissan Leaf. No more gas guzzlers for me.
Eric Heukeshoven
Just came across this discussion. I own 2 V50s (one OSD) and believe there is a market for Volvo's diesels. We purchased a new VW Jetta TDI wagon 2 years ago BECAUSE there was no comparable Volvo option ... and there still is none! As for the V60, the day I first saw one I hoped it would be my next Volvo. North American sales are trending back up and now's the time for Volvo to look to its existing "faithful" to abandon them!
I drive 50K miles per year and live in Northern, MI. AWD as well as plenty of room for my sales materials plus having the ability to tow something small like an atv or snowmobile with increased torque is what I need. As a 1099 salesman, I'm sure I could justify the savings or cost after the purchase at around 100 mpg or even less. Sure, I'd like a truck, but not at $4 gas with a best mpg of roughly 25mpg for a ford diesel. I would buy a v60 hybrid diesel AWD yesterday if I could and would even consider having one shipped here if I could on Volvo's overseas purchase plan. I really don’t understand the hold up. This car would be a game changer here in the States. And last time I checked, I still see plenty of Subaru's wagon like vehicles driving around. Is this car really any different in terms of functionality. Get with the program and bring it here before gas reaches European rates. I too would like to be a test driver for a v60!
I'm willing to trade my MB 4matic for a V60 diesel in any combination.
Brian G. Becharas
As a loyal Volvo "for life" owner who is also a wagon aficionado... I am willing to wait (patiently) for the new V60 Hybrid (Diesel + AWD) - IMHO, the diesel is optimal as it delivers torque + instant electric torque for fun and responsible driving... MESSAGE TO VOLVO NA: PLEASE BRING V-60 HYBRID HERE ASAP! With premium gasoline at $4.45/gal (for my XC-70) in Chicagoland, I am certain that Americans are ready for fuel efficient diesels. (Do you need any long term test drivers? Brian G. Becharas Energy Education Associates / Citizens' Greener Evanston Evanston, IL 60202 USA
Heather Waters
Here I was shopping the XC60, and then I find the V60 on the Volvo international site, and with a diesel hybrid no less! What I really wanted was a sexy wagon (think A4 Avant or BMW 3 series) that has the gas mileage of the VW Jetta Sportwagon TDI. I have been asking myself for years why no one has brought a hybrid diesel out in the US (and the $100K Mercedes option is not what I mean). I have an A3 now and just want some more room, but I want the gas mileage too. Please bring the V60 to the US ASAP! I'll even take a regular diesel model if it gets over 30 mpg combined
I've owned both the V70 & the XC70, both were excellent vehicles. In my opinio Volvo's wagons do not offer decent mpg. in any of their all wheel drive models. Less than a combined 20mpg for the XC70 is not acceptable when gas is getting close to $4.00 gal. The new V60 model with multilpe choice of engines and all wheel drive would be a perfect fit in todays USA market. And offering a hybrid model would be even better.
Volvo's decision is beyond my comprehension. Go to any affluent suburb in this country and you will see lots of Volvo wagons. I understand it is a niche, but a niche in the U.S. is usually large enough. I drive a Saab 93 Aero SportCombi and would easily trade it for a V60, but never for a XC60. Guess i will probably get an A4 Avant with euro delivery.
J Lussier
Volvo should bring the V60 Wagon to the US in 2012 even if the diesel - hybrid is not ready for export - rented one in Europe and loved it - it is a fantastic car that will be very competitive in the US market as is.
Ed March
I own a 1998 V70 T5 (since new) that has been an absolute marvel and a joy to drive. With over 200,000 miles on the odometer it has never had a major mechanical problem. It has averaged 21 - 22 mpg over its service life. The V60 hybrid would be vehicle that I would park in my garage immediately upon it arrival to the USA. I currently drive a Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited but would be driving a Volvo hybrid if had been offered here in the USA. Volvo management is behind the curve on this trend toward hybrid vehicles demand in the USA.
c h jones
Brit happily ensconced over here, love hatchbacks/sportwagons, far more useful than sedans that never carry 4up anyway [10yrs with excellent, fast, reliable citroen 16v BX very fondly remembered] No V60 in USA? Volvo are NUTS, have seen and driven in europe, quite wonderful especially in T6 form. Top end diesel a superb buy. Yes, Volvo are officially nuts not to bring it in; why not have it on Euro delivery for the USA? I really really don't want to buy another Acura, but........
LeeRoy Hanna
After doing a European delivery for a C70 we decided our next trip would be for a hybrid. Bring it on by 2013
Richard Williams
I would buy any hybrid just about that would get one hundred miles to the gallon; and if gas prices keep climbing I would be willing to bet that hundreds of thousands of other people would too. Personally, I would like the V60 sedan rather than the wagon, but would buy either one if available.
Robert Shelvock
I have lived in Germany for the last 3 1/2 years, and a large percentage of the car owners here have diesels. I don't think it is the car market for diesels in the US that makes them unavailable, it is that the oil companies don't want us to have fuel sippers that burn diesel, or even corn oil, until they figure out how to make more money from the sale of diesel.
Have owned a V70 Classic, V40, XC70, and a XC90, two of which were Euro Delivery. I now drive a MB E320 CDI. Will Not buy another Volvo because of the lousy mileage, PERIOD. Volvo is absolutely nuts not to have brought a D5 to the US. To not bring this Hybrid (with Diesel) is equally NUTS. Yep, our next car will likely be a VW Jetta Wagon or Audi A3 TDI .
Currently searching for a car. Been waiting for D5 to come to america. Silly it is not. I'd buy this vehicle or XC90 in a hear beat. What is Volvo waiting for?
john strother
I would buy it today! This is the type of forward thinking we need in hybrid designs. I had a Volvo many years ago and would love to own this one!
850 and XC70 Owner
I would love, love, love it if Volvo would sell the V60 Plug-in Hybrid as is in the USA today. I would have bought one for sure. I can't see this happening before 2013 and probably not before 2014 if they aren't going to be release in Europe until 2012. Our 850 is on its last legs so we are going to hedge our bets and lease a S60 hoping the V60 Hybrid comes to the USA before 2015 / our lease is over. Come on Stefan Jacoby, you can make this happen :)
With Volvo dropping the true wagons this year, they need to bring something like this stateside. Especially a diesel hybrid-- I don't expect it to be cheap, but MPG + versatility = win. Bottom line: Bring this to the States and it will sell.
Justin Lloyd
I've been a huge fan of turbo diesels since driving a Saab all over Germany about 10 years ago. VW sells plenty of their TDI Jettas here. This V60 hybrid would be awesome. I would buy one today if were available. I hope Volvo takes a chance and brings this stateside. I know I'll be following this closely to see if if does become available for sale in the US. I'm pretty disenchanted with the current hybrid options. This would certainly put me in the market.
Volvo owner in Santa Barbara
I am in the same boat as Rick, I agree the XC platform is too big, thirsty, and slow and was really disapointed when Vovo dropped the V70 for the US market. I would drop my planned transition from my 2000 V70R to an audi diesel wagon, if volvo brought in the V60 as a hybrid. I drive my wife's camry hybrid on the weekends and get better mileage out of it than she does. We would buy another hybrid if we could find a wagon. Both of us despise SUVs, even though I drive 4x4 SUVs/trucks daily for work, frequently off-road, .
Alex Laprade
Yes, bring it to the US. It's clearly the best hybrid market as Europeans love their small, diesels that very good mileage and make hybrids impractical. I live in CA and it must be the hybrid capital of the world. It'd be stupid to not offer it here. My mother would buy one for sure.
François Carrier
Please, please, please bring it to Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rick Foster
I'm ready to plunk down a deposit right now. Drove the S60; nice car, but really need a wagon. The XC60 is too tall, too heavy, too thirsty and too slow. My V70R can make it for another year, just. So make a decision Volvo and keep me out of a year old 535 wagon
Robert Dunlop
Just bring the car into the US as is. Have two volvos currently and would have bought the V60. Now we will look elsewhere, but not Volvo. Silly decision.

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