Company Executive Claims Saab Plant Shutdown to End Next Week


Following several weeks of closures at its manufacturing facility in Trollhaettan, Sweden, Saab now aims to resume production next week say company officials.

Saab's go at independence has been rough to say the least. CEO Jan Ake Jonsson announced his resignation last month following a $300 million loss the company's first year solo. The automaker has been forced to idle its plant due to a shortage of parts as a result of unpaid bills, but now the automaker claims to have cleared things up and says it aims to resume output next week.

Saab has apparently been working feverishly to free up collateral, which will in turn back loans from the European Investment Bank. The EIB still hasn't given its final stamp of approval on the loan, but Saab believes it is close to doing so. The automaker is also expecting new shipments from suppliers later this week that will help bring its operation back on line.

Things at Saab lately have been shaky to say the least. Do you think it can recover and return to profitability, or is it a lost cause?

Source: Bloomberg

Saab Club of Alaska
Much, though not all, of Saab's current troubles stems from the leftover financial structure they adopted from GM, and was expected by Saab brass. With the fresh flow of funds from Antonov and the EIB, they'll be able to access far greater capital. Fortunately, Saab is managed by smart folks who have the brand's best interest at heart. They have cutting edge, exciting new cars to offer, a rabid and worldwide fanbase of customers and loyalists, and opening markets in China and Russia that are hungry for their products. Saab as a company has never had an easy run of it, but they are unique, respected and valuable enough to have survived and prospered after every bump in the road. They will succeed this time, as well. The brilliant car from Trollhättan isn't going anywhere.
Saab have a lean and mean operation. They are building quality cars right now, with totally revised products in the pipeline.
Ted Y
Saab will recover, stronger and better than ever, in spite of a hostile Swedish press. Saab can never die.

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