Comedian Eddie Griffin wrinkles somebody elses Enzo


It's true: no one can drive this car. The latest broken Enzo comes at the hands of comedian Eddie Griffin (of Undercover Brother and Deuce Bigalow fame), who smashed one at Irwindale (Calif.) Speedway yesterday.

In our February 2007 issue, we described four known incidents in which Ferrari Enzos were smashed all to helll during 2006, including the sliced-in-half Enzo courtesy of Stafan Eriksson pictured. Chalk up one for 2007, as Eddie Griffin yesterday bent the beak of the Enzo belonging to the producer (Daniel Sadek) of Redline, the movie he was promoting for its April 13 release. Griffin as uninjured in the crash (no word if Sadek injured Griffin himself), but the car will require serious mending. Smooth move!

So the idiot who owned the Enzo let another idiot drive it. Two wrongs still don't make a right.The video of the accident showed the Enzo dramatically understeering into the concrete barrier. How was this accomplished? He drove in too fast on the wrong side of the road, then ran left across the race line by about 40 degrees, turned hard right of the wheel way too late, while pumping the brakes to defeat the ABS, and had the front end give way. Or something like that.
A sad day for every Ferrari enthusiast...let us pray!
That will buff right out!

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