Chrysler's Future U.S. Product Plan: Journey SRT6 Confirmed, Dodge Durango Dies

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There have been many changes in Chrysler's product portfolio since its 2009 bankruptcy, and plenty of news about what's coming to Chrysler showrooms over the next few years has made headlines in the past few weeks. Lucky for us, our own Georg Kacher got the full low-down from Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne himself in the July 2012 issue of Automobile Magazine.

Expect to see no less than four new products from each of the Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, Maserati, and SRT brands for sale in the U.S. in the next five years. Yes, that's correct, Marchionne is definitely sure that Alfa will make its triumphant return to North American shores next year and that Maserati will be able to make its 50,000-unit-per-year sales goal.

Other notable product changes include the transition of the Chrysler Town & Country from a minivan into a crossover, a six-cylinder Dodge Journey SRT, an all-new Alfa Spider to be twinned with the next Mazda Miata, and the death of the Dodge Durango in 2016 and Avenger in 2014. Take a look below for a peek into Fiat and Chrysler's crystal ball.

Alfa Romeo

  • MiTo replacement (2013)
    • New four-door hatchback replaces two-door model, based on bigger B-wide platform
  • 4C Coupe (2013) and 4C Spyder (2014)
    • Removable roof panel
    • Mid-engine
  • Small crossover (2014)
    • U.S.-built crossover, related to Fiat crossover and new Jeep Patriot
    • I-4 only
  • Giulietta (2014)
    • Second-generation of Alfa's compact hatchback
  • Giulia and Giulia Sportwagon (2014)
    • Based on C/D architecture, has potential for coupe spin-off
  • Spider (TBD)
    • Derived from RWD components set provided by Mazda
  • 100 (due calendar year 2016)
    • Dodge Dart-sized, probably Giulietta-based, premium entry-level hatchback
    • FWD, I-4 only
  • 200 (2013)
    • Audi A4-size, sedan/coupe/convertible
    • FWD and AWD, I-4 and V-6
    • No Dodge Avenger model
  • 300 (2017)
    • Full-size premium sedan
    • RWD and AWD, V-6 and V-8
  • Town & Country (2015)
    • Near-full-size high-roof crossover (like Mercedes-Benz R-Class), new platform
    • FWD and AWD, I-4 and V-6
  • Dart (2012)
    • New entry, Giulietta-based sedan
    • FWD, I-4 only
    • Sporty Dart SRT4 model
  • Charger (2016)
    • Four-door sedan, same platform as Chrysler 300
    • RWD and AWD, V-6 and V-8
  • Challenger (2014)
    • Two-door coupe, same DNA as Chrysler 300
    • May switch to SRT brand
  • Journey (2013)
    • Sporty five-door crossover, new platform
    • FWD and AWD, I-4 and V-6
    • Sporty Journey SRT6 model
  • Grand Caravan (2015)
    • Sporty full-size minivan, new platform
    • FWD and AWD, I-4 and V-6
  • 500C Abarth (2012)
  • 500L (2013)
  • 500XL (2013)
    • Seven-seat version of the 500L
  • 500X Fouristrada (2013)
    • 500-based crossover, twinned with Jeep Jeepster
  • 500 Zagato (2013)
  • 500 Elettra EV (2014)
  • Jeepster (2014)
    • Italian-built subcompact SUV, twinned with Fiat 500X
    • FWD and AWD, I-4 only
  • Patriot (2014)
    • U.S.-built compact SUV, twinned with Alfa crossover
    • FWD and AWD, I-4 only
    • Previous Jeep Compass and Patriot replaced by one model
  • Liberty (2013)
  • Grand Cherokee (2016)
    • New-generation full-size SUV
    • RWD and AWD, V-6 and V-8
    • No Dodge Durango model
  • Grand Wagoneer (2014)
    • Full-size SUV, based on Grand Cherokee (in lieu of Dodge Durango)
    • AWD only, V-6 and V-8
  • Wrangler (TBD)
    • Iconic hard-core SUV, two- and four-door, short and long wheelbases
  • Quattroporte (2013)
    • Luxury sedan, based on heavily reworked RWD/AWD architecture
    • V-8 only
  • Maseratina (2013)
    • Smaller sport sedan, same underpinnings as Quattorporte
    • V-6 and V-8
  • Kubang (2014)
    • Top-notch SUV derived from Jeep Grand Cherokee
    • V-6 and V-8
  • GranTurismo/GranCabrio (2015/2017)
    • Upmarket sports cars sharing DNA with Quattroporte
    • V-6 and V-8
  • Viper (2013)
  • Grand Cherokee SRT8
  • Challenger SRT8
  • Dart SRT4
  • Journey SRT6

-Georg Kacher

Jay Antonio
I like what Chrysler & Fiat have accomplished & are aiming for. A few suggestions: Bring back a new improved version of the Magnum. I also agree that a Small midsized RWD car would be perfect in the Dodge lineup. Also I'd like to see a sub compact with a 3 cylinder (maybe turbo) in the line-up, perhaps Fiat. I absolutely love the idea of the Journey srt-6, as I own the only other srt-6 ever made the Crossfire srt-6. There is plenty of potential for a srt -V6 in fact - it's the future! I also like the idea of a Small compact Jeep - i'd have called it the Mieep - Mini- jeep instead of the Jeepster, but it's a great way to get entry level car buyers into Jeeps, because everyone loves Jeeps! Also Chrysler needs a VERY upscale luxury car, as I want Chrysler to be a Luxury Brand, that competes with Audi & Cadillac. It can happen, it just takes 1 well done Large luxury vehicle that beats the others to change a brands perception! Keep up the Good work Chrysler & Fiat, & Marchionne! BRAVO!
Chris C.
Very sorry to hear that the new Durango will be killed. It is a well made, roomy, & nice driving vehicle with plenty of towing capability & good looks. I was truly hoping that Fiat/Dodge/Chrysler would offer it next year with the Pentastar V6 engine & the 8-speed transmission option. That would help to improve the accelleration of the V6 version & bump the gas mileage to a respectable number. I think that Dodge would have a winner on their hands at that point. I hope that Sergio Marchionne will reconsider the Durango & realize that American drivers don't want a Fiat 500L or 500XL bread box with no style & not much utility. Most of us appreciate efficiency, but not at the cost of having absolutely no style whatsoever.
Marked Man
Dodge should get a RWD avenger that is a two door. That would fill the gap and there would be no other one like it. The only other car would the 200 convertible and that would be more upscale. This car would compete with the BRZ, Miata, or small quick cars cars. The car should be called the Hornet.
Hopefully Dodge will have a viable entry to compete with Honda et al but PLEASE don't make it a clone of the Chrysler and PLEASE don't screw up the exterior design. The Avenger never was and never can be a decent looking car from an exterior design point of view. The current Chrysler 200 is only marginally better. The 200 show car would have been a great design to use but may be too dated now. Something that looks better than and exudes quality and desireability is the only thing that will get people to try an American car over the Japanese. If the product delivers most people will continue to be customers, if not they'll hi-tail it!
Interesting line-up changes. I see one error - there should be a replacement for the Dodge Avenger. To be competitive, Dodge must have a car that compares in size to the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Ford Fusion, Hyundai Sonata, etc. The Chrysler version should take the luxury route; the Dodge will cover the sport / ecnonomy segment.
Jay Antonio
@Chris's all about the sales, if people really liked the Durango then they'd sell more of them. The Durango is a great vehicle, but it's basically competing with the Jeep Grand Cherokee. I believe that the company wants to have less clone vehicles & less overlap & they want to concentrate on making 1 product that won't compete with the same products they offer in their showrooms. As for the Fiatl & 500XL I must disagree, I think they're very stylish & people will consider them instead of another brand like the mini. Also Chrysler NEEDS as many compacts in the line-up as possible to compete with the imports! With the price of GAS increasing, compact sales will continue to rise no matter what! Chrysler & Fiat need to be in that market & offer customers a choice.

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