Chrysler to Step up its Game and Compete with Cadillac and Lincoln

"We're going to have to offer a broad array of products across every one of the segments," Peter Fong, Chrysler brand CEO, recently told Automotive News. In doing so Chrysler is going to step up its game and become a luxury brand. The first luxury Chrysler may be a subcompact, added Fong.

For starters, the Dodge and Chrysler brands will need to be separated for this change to be implemented. Most dealerships offer all three brands; the new separation may help differentiate the two.

Jeep CEO Michael Manley promised that while Fiat technology and platforms will be part of the plan, "You won't see Fiat DNA in our brands." Jeep won't change at all; the rugged offerings from the brand have cemented a place in the market with little competition.

Dodge and Chrysler will need some work to separate though. "The [Chrysler] 300 and the [Dodge] Charger share the same underpinnings, but they attract two different customers, so they are already in the right direction," Dodge CEO Michael Accavitti told Automotive News. Dodge will remain the sportier brand focusing on performance and fuel economy. Dodge will also benefit from Fiat's technology and compact performance.

The minivan segment, largely dominated by Chrysler will see differentiation also. The Caravan should remain close to what it is now. Chrysler's Town & Country, on the other hand, will see either a major overhaul or possibly be dropped from the lineup altogether to avoid undermining the Dodge model.

Chrysler's Fong claims that the emerging brand will be, "a notch above Lincoln, a notch above Cadillac." We'll see...

Source: Automotive News

Well the first thing to realise is as of today, Lincolns compete with Buicks and Lexuses, Cadillacs compete with BMWs and M-Bs. You have the RWD and Hemi, so Cadillac is a feasible target but that means performanace with the luxury, not leaving the performance to Dodge only. Quality will require a big upgrade, thing of the same leap again as the new 300 interior made over the old 300 interior this time. Bring Cadillac performance with Buick pricing and Chrysler will score big.
I agree with the magnum statement! And I think you should remake the next Town & Country into a direct competitor to the Lincoln MKT and future Escalade once it switches to the lambda platform! A gangster inspired crossover!
I hope fervently that this plan for Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep becomes a reality. This is the order I have always favored and felt Chryco should follow. Best wishes Chrysler and one other thing, "bring back the Magnum"! You dropped it just at the time you needed it with all these cross overs coming out looking like pregnant station wagons. The Magnum, like some german wagons has a sporty but functional appeal to it.
You want to beat Lincoln, Cadillac, Lexus, Acura, etc., Mr. Fong? REAR WHEEL DRIVE V8 power! For far too long Chryslers have simply been rebadged and more expensive Dodges (see K-car, Avenger/Sebring, etc.). Build quality will need to improve greatly in order for Chrysler brand to be viable and competitive (and this is from a Chrysler fan).To hell with hybrids and electrics, we will look back on those in 20 years with the same utter contempt as Lean Burn.

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