Chrysler Pushes Dealer Body For More Sunday Sales, Service Hours


Auto dealers have typically shied away from opening their showroom doors on Sunday, but that may soon change. Chrysler has been urging its dealer body to increase the number of stores open on Saturday, but also wants some open on Sundays, too.

The potentially controversial move could help Chrysler’s dealerscounter local business, particularly when it comes to repairs and servicing.Pietro Gorlier, president andCEOof Chrysler’s Mopar service and accessories brand, is working on getting the number of dealers open for service on Saturday to 80 percent of the 2300 U.S. showrooms. Presently, only 20- 30 stores those showrooms have hours on Sunday.

Chrysler has found that stores that added additional Saturday hours were able to increase revenue from servicing vehicles by 20 percent, and it estimates that Sunday hours could boost business by another 10 to 15 percent. That said, the process is easier said and done. 18 states have laws that prohibit car dealers from operating on Sunday, and a seven-day work week would require a considerable modification to staff schedules.

Last week, Chrysler Group CEO Sergio Marchionne told Automotive News that 80 percent – the highest since 2000 – of Chrysler’s dealers were profitable. Would you be more willing to get your car serviced at the dealer if it was open on Saturday and Sunday? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Automotive News (Subscription required)

I work for chrysler service, and I put in a minimum of 65 hours a week, sometimes over 70, and this is a monday through saturday dealership.. personally if I am asked to work a sunday I want friday and saturday off first.
the dealerships could be open 24/7 it wouldn't be any help to me because it Chrysler.
This will help no one, least of all Chrysler. Sunday hours are ridiculous. Sunday is the day people go to dealerships to look, without being pestered by a salesman. I know because I'm in sales, and all it does is irritate the **** out of people when they find out the dealership is open. A typical dealership might add 1 or 2 or maybe 3 cars a month to its tally by opening on Sunday. It just isn't worth it. Not only that, people need rest. Pushing your sales & service staff, who are already doing stupid hours and seldom get to see their families, is just going to add stress and cause people to quit. If you can't get the job done during normal business hours, you're doing something wrong.
Avarice is an ugly thing and corporate America is eaten up with it.

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