Chrysler Kills PT Cruiser

Joshua Duval

Since Cerberus has taken over Chrysler from Daimler, the private investment firm has hacked away at the automaker's lineup: casualties have included the Dodge Magnum and Durango, along with the Chrysler Crossfire, Pacifica, and Aspen. As of this summer, another model will be added to the death list: the Chrysler PT Cruiser.

In a phone interview with Bloomberg yesterday, Chrysler President Tom LaSorda confirmed that the company will stop building the PT Cruiser this summer in an effort to save money. Chrysler will also try to sell the equipment used to make the vehicle, although so far it has found no buyers.

The Chrysler PT Cruiser convertible was killed last year, but production of the hardtop version continued. Sales plunged almost 50 percent last year, to less than 51,000 units. With the disappearance of the PT Cruiser, the Chrysler brand is left with just three nameplates: the 300, the Town & Country, and the Sebring.

Rumors have pegged the Jeep Commander, which is only in its third model year, as the next Mopar vehicle on the chopping block.

Source: Bloomberg

spartan:You meant Chrysler Town & Country and its Dodge [italic]and[/italic] Volkswagen siblings, right?
Haha good call Evan. but seriously: be careful with the "r-word" on the 300. It's like the Mini Cooper--don't mess with success. And saying "drop all Sebrings" may be excessive. Who said the 200C couldn't be badged a Sebring? (And going with a Nissan platform would be a bad idea--look how the same thing with Mitsubishi turned out.) And what's wrong with the T&C? It, along with its Dodge sibling, are easily Chrysler's most successful products. Right now, that's probably the last thing that needs to be changed.
"...a new T&C, based on the Dodge Journey's Sebring/Avenger platform..."Sounds like it has all the makings for a Pacifica revival...
It's about time. This thing was supposed to have received a major facelift, that would have made it more square a few years ago, then they said no to that. This car and Chevrolet's HHR have run their course. What Chrysler needs to do is to redesign their 300, build the 200 on say, a Nissan Altima platform, drop all Sebrings, and the Town and Country minivan, and make a new T&C, based on the Dodge Journey's Sebring/Avenger platform. As for that Jeep Commander, I wish someone would tell me why they did it in the first place. Really dumb idea.
The elimination of individual products is r[italic]earranging the deck chairs on the Titanic[/italic]. Chrysler is not going to make it - the only question is how much taxpayer funding is going to ease the transition into oblivion - and which pieces get picked up by Ford or GM, if any.
i actually am kind of surprised. especially today, when gas mileage is one of the highest consumer qualifications for a new car, you would think they would want to keep a unique, fuel-efficient car like the PT in the lineup. sure, to say it was kind of "long in the tooth" is a bit of an understatement. but a complete redo, while keeping some of the unique signature styling, could probably rejuvenate sales. now chrysler is left with the caliber, patriot, compass, and sebring as its most fuel-efficient vehicles. ouch.

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