Chrysler Exec Questions Revival of 300 Wagon, Dodge Magnum

We had just finally gotten over the Dodge Magnum’s demise after a long grieving period when SRT head Ralph Gilles told The New York Times that a return of the original swagger wagon might just be in the cards. According to Autocar, we might have gotten our hopes up too soon, because the British magazine now reports that the Magnum -- along with its European cousin, the 300 Touring wagon -- may not make a comeback after all.

During an interview with Autocar, new Chrysler-Lancia CEO Saad Chehab allegedly said that although the 300C Touring (Magnum in the United States) was popular in Britain, there would be no follow-up model. Chehab reportedly said that station wagon sales in the U.S. were just too low to justify development costs for a Magnum and 300 wagon.

So does this mean that a second generation Magnum is D.O.A.? Well, it could go either way. Autocar made no mention of a Dodge wagon in its report, although we’re inclined to believe that without a 300 wagon, there would be no Magnum wagon, either. That said, there could still be a business case for such a vehicle, at least aborad. While sales of wagons aren’t exactly stellar in the U.S., wagons do sell in Europe, and the previous-generation 300 wagon established a fairly strong following in that corner of the world.

What do you think? Do you think there’s a business case for a Dodge Magnum wagon for the U.S. -- or at the very least, a Chrysler 300 Touring for Europe? Let us know in the comments field below.

Source: Autocar

Todd MCG
All I can say on this is this last year owned 2 Magnums. I bought a cheap version in March and traded up to a better one in August. If I'd had the option to order a brand new one, I would have done that in a heart beat. Do you hear that Dodge? I want a new Magnum!  The US need at least one good station wagon. Why let Volvo, Saab, and Mercedes get all of that market?
The Magnum is an awesome car. Build a new one on the Charger/300 platform (like the original) and they will be less expensive than an entire new car. The Magnum will sell easily to people that have the original series and are looking to get new ones. Add a little improvement in the economic climate (the Magnum was killed in the economic tailspin of 2008) and new people will be attracted to the stylish multi-purpose wagon.
anthony valera
bring it back asap .i have one now and love the way it drive .so much people are looking for them just cant see why it didnt sell ,heads turn no matter where im at .im looking forward for the new 2012
Let the sheep have their crossovers but please, please, please let the sentient among us have the option of a wagon. Personally I'd prefer a 300 wagon to another Magnum.
Bring it back and bring it back in a BIG way! We MOPAR lovers need a vehicle to go up against the Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon. Chrysler Corporation was known for it's engineering breakthroughs. Its MOPAR or NO CAR.
Oh, for God's sake, kill this POS. The world does not need another poorly designed yank tank that doesn't sell when the price of gas goes up slightly.
Bring it back as a 300 GT wagon before some goof ball in the ivory tower decides Chrysler needs a version of the Durango with a d.a. name like Aspen or something else more droll. I'd consider one.
BRING IT BACK, i would like to see better fit and finish, high stengh steel, dodge first 10 airbags, 8-speed auto, AWD, 2011 dodge charger taillights, improved visibility, larger cargo area, 120 wheel base. theres more but i thinks thats the most important.
Cancelling the Magnum was 1 of the worst decisions that Nardelli could have done! The magnum was hot looking & people still love them! Chrysler should bring it back with their new interior & with a manual transmission option! That was 1 heck of a car & thousands of people want a new one right now!
LA Lion
I loved the old Magnum. I resently looked for a used one, but couldn't get over the interior. Would love to get a new one, with a new Chrysler interior. OK, make the new one with a rear facing (flat folding) rear seat (like the Tesla) and add power sliding rear doors! That would be cool!
Yes but make it roomier and give it a reverse 3rd row like the old taurus wagons!
I always loved the look of the Magnum, the sloped back roofline was so sport looking, and I liked the functionality of a wagon with the tailgate opening set to not swing out as much by setting the hinge further forward. With all of that my wife just wouldn't agree with the look, so I ended up with a Charger. I'm not really regretting the compromise. I would like to be tempted again with a new release of the Magnum. Too bad Acura took the Magnum design cue for their own wagon.
Love the car looking for a used one. Would love it if a new one came out.
If visibility is improved, this will be, BY-FAR the number-one candidate for my next car!
They should make the Chrysler 300 Grand Touring (wagon) for the US and other countries the 300 is sold. And call (and badge it) the Lancia Thema (and whatever to designate it as a wagon/hatch). And yes there should be a SRT version of the Chrysler.

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