Chrysler Ends Dakota Pickup Production

It’s the end of the line for production of the Ram Dakota, The Detroit News is reporting. The neglected and forgotten Dakota has long been an afterthought to the Ram 1500, the bread and butter of the Ram line.

The Warren Truck Plant where the Dakota is built also builds the Ram 1500. So far 39 temporary workers have been let go due to the end of Dakota production. The UAW expects the number could reach 150 or more.

As we reported last year, Chrysler has been mulling over the Dakotas replacement for some time now. The consensus seems to be that the slow-selling Dakota will eventually be replaced by a unibody compact pickup truck, aimed more at customers who buy trucks for their looks, not their utility. Think Dodge M-80 concept, or Rampage concept, as the Dakota’s replacement will be more show than go when it debuts within the next few years.

No decision has yet been made about where to build the Dakota’s replacement.

Source: The Detroit News

So, like a Mex-spec Chevy Tornado?
Mark S
I am in Oregon state, just living here and looking out over a Barnes and Noble parking lot, I can guarantee you that there are plenty of full size and heavy duty trucks bought just for looks. The FACT is full and heavy duty trucks are way over engineered and most people never even come close to utilizing the trucks capabilities. Some responsible people would like a smaller more efficient yet capable truck to take or tow some small toys, mountain bikes, and some camping and fishing gear up to the mountains. IE something like a truly updated and re engineered Tacoma, Frontier, Colorado, Ranger Dakota formula. If Subaru would make a truck of the Outback platform, it would serve most peoples need just fine. If RAM can translate that into a better Ridge line so be it. Most of the trucks on the road today are just show trucks regardless of size and its sad to see how many full sized and heavy duty trucks that are used as daily drivers to the store, work in town and cruising the boulevard. We need to get smart people.
I wonder if there were any Dakotas made that actually weren't badged "Dodge." The gallery at currently shows a big "Dodge" on the tailgate ...

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