Chicago 2013: Kia Cross GT Is A Clean-Looking Machine


Kia says the Cross GT is to crossover vehicles as its GT concept was to large sport sedans. We’re not sure the Cross GT is as stunningly sexy as the GT was – that is, after all, a tall hurdle to clear – but it is still quite fetching in person. 

We read Kia’s promises of this thing being long, low, and wide, but those proportions aren’t fully realized until viewed in the flesh. This feels less like a crossover or SUV, and more like a long, low station wagon placed on stilts. In this manner, the Cross GT reminds us a bit of the forgotten Chrysler Citadel concept from 2000. We also detected a hint of Citadel when staring at the large glass-intensive tailgate, but Kia’s boomerang LED tail lamps – which almost manage to perfectly line up with the bumper’s cut lines – lend it an identity of its own.

Press photos suggest the Cross GT’s sheet metal is as rippled as a silk sheet in front of a hair dryer. Yes, there are plenty of curves to be found, but the fender and door surfaces look far smoother than images lead you to expect. As a whole, the exterior form is clean, well balanced, and thankfully devoid of overwrought details. 

The Cross GT’s interior is virtually invisible through the darkly-tinted windowpanes – a pity, considering it’s as seductive as the Cross GT’s exterior. The leather-clad bucket seats seductively wrap around an occupant’s torso and seamlessly into the center console. The recycled wood trim dominates both dash and door panels, and looks and feels a bit nicer than the renewable wool fabric used as a trim element throughout the cabin.

Kia notes the vehicle is purely conceptual, and that it’s less indicative of a particular future product and more an indication that Kia wants to play in the world of large, luxury crossovers. We can only hope that when it finally does, the finished product is as swoopy and swanky as the concept shown here in Chicago.

Johngabriel Castellanos
i love it
Eduardo Armendariz
Naaaaaaah wrong wrong
Barry Dugger
Younnas Alginusa
not bad the front, but i guess KIA try 2 get new design langue,,,
Vivian Garcia
It looks weird in the face but the rest of the body looks sporty and a good off roading car
Mohan Hnr
Looking rich
Marc Hamady
Ugly car
Tom Arimitsu
Whooa! Nice Isuzu Axiom II revisited!
Tim Lucas
Reid Crowder
Are they trying to make a Land Rover Evocque?
Mohd Faiz
Jill Parlove
I'll pass
Bill Campbell
Think I'll stick with the Infiniti.
Elaine Bythebeach
I like it! Very clean design; no clutter. I really do wish the automakers would dispense with using that puppy sh** gold color, though.
Hashim Abbas
Camilo Rendon
Benjamin Cody Babcock
Why? "Kia" and "premium" will never be a good match. It's like saying, "Pontiac Aztek was a beautiful design."
Clarence Rogers
Was thinking the same thing, Frankiko. Very much like the FX, which can only be a good thing. Hopefully, it doesn't have an FX- like price.
Clarence Rogers
Frankiko Ly
Copying fx35's design?!!
Richard Brown
It's nice. Don't think you can see well out side windows!
Steve Rothaug
I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.
Harish Kumar
Proportions don't look right

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