Callaway Cars Shows AeroWagon Concept Based On 2014 Corvette

Callaway Cars has created countless unique versions of the Chevrolet Corvette, some with superchargers for more power, and others with bespoke bodywork. Now the company has turned its attention to the 2014 Corvette Stingray, and plans to eventually launch this AeroWagon concept.

The AeroWagon is based on the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, but with new carbon-fiber bodywork after of the seats which creates a dramatic shooting break design. With its squat proportions and the way the low roofline angles down toward the flared rear fenders, the AeroWagon concept looks similar to a Ferrari FF in profile.

A Callaway representative told us that the AeroWagon would have an opening rear hatch and more cargo room than a standard 2014 Corvette. All the additional bodywork is made from carbon-fiber and would be constructed at Callaway's carbon-fiber facility in Santa Ana, California. The body was penned by company designer Paul Deutschman.

Although it is officially just a design study for now, Callaway has already received calls from customers interested in buying the AeroWagon. It could go on sale as soon as this fall, and the company projects a cost of no more than $15,000 for the conversion.

Callaway is also working on upgrades including new wheels, suspension, brakes, and engine performance for the C7 Corvette. Those could potentially be installed on a customer's AeroWagon, or on any standard 2014 Corvette Stingray coupe or convertible.

Source: Callaway Cars

Daniel Urbina Sanchez
Callaway should be shot! Really turning a corvette into this??? It's as bad an idea as when Pontiac thought about making the Trans Am into a wagon (I think that was the K car of 78/79.)
Willian Dagua
Celso Lourenco
I think Corvette coupe the maximum
Martin Audet
je suis bien dessus d'une heritage qu'il avait et maintenant ces n'est plus un corvette . on dirait quelle ce cherche une identite
Jon Ott
Corvette grocery getter? Guess it's a lot cooler than the Chrysler minivan.
Godvin Fleming
@David all good things but all the for a couple of hours the charge it where!?
Godvin Fleming
U folks not liking this think wagon then thing sports car then think insurance!!!!
Yash Oulkar
Looks like some car company didnt get a snew design for their car and coppied the viper. This is so uncreative.
Steven Yager
Tesla X, i agree
John Peter Christovassilis
This is about 20 years too late. :-/ Still like it though!
Ricardo InĂ¡cio
Looks like a cheap FF...
Marc Hamady
Ugly car.
Suraj Kakde
what a car
David Craig
Simply Beautiful. But I will tell you without reservation that if I had the money, I would buy the new Tesla X, hands down!! Not only is it one of the most beautiful cars on the road, the fact, that it gets 100+ miles per gallon and dose 0-64 in under 4 sec. doesn't hurt either. And the fact that it does all this while caring 5 passengers + is without pier. There is nothing out there that even comes close.
Matt J. Kerr
I generally love that sort of thing but think this version looks pretty ugly. Still, if Callaway gave me one, I'd be a good sport and be willing to drive it around for a few years, maybe as part of his marketing research.
Rajan Dorairajan
Just awesome. Evoque effect. Nicely blended.
Anthony Szeto
Balbir Singh
to good is car
David McKeag
Chip Caruana
Fantastic. Much improved!
Beau Weathers
like a ctsv rear ended a corvette with a bit of a ferrari
Bradford Mahler
This just turned into a road trip cross country badassmobile!
Kyree S. Williams
If it didn't work for the Ferrari FF, it won't work here. All the same, I think this is awesome, so long as it can seat four.
Joshua Turner
Ken Everly
Yuck! What a waste.
Frank Fazio
needs round rear lights...LMAO!
Derek Maynard
For all the people complaining about GM doing this: unless I'm misunderstanding the production of this car, it will be customized by Callaway to look this way, not GM.
Derek Maynard
Looks good, but I would say it's more of a hatchback than a wagon.
Matt Dalton
cts-v and cts-v wagon. no surprise with the corvette and this wagon. oh GM, you suck. -sincerely, a chevy driver.
Jeff Clauser
Looks dumb. Why would you want to turn a hot sports car into a wagon? Let Audi do that.
Gloria Cordova
Que bello!!!
Brandon Ricketts
Everything about the C7 is Too Much. Nothing is hinted at - everything screams.....
Michael Lombardi
Joe Guadagnino
This was tried 50 years ago...didn't go over then...won't go over's a Vette, nothing else...
Kevin Prime
Better than the real thing
Jeremy Lindstrom
So beautiful. I love it.
Alfonzo Woods
Hell yes!
Mary Ellen Barker Sullivan
I love it! Will share this with one of sons!
Gary Wood
Looks like the Ferrari FF
Roy E. Blackburn
Chevy just announced a new Corvette Light
Rick Rodriguez
It's pretty......pretty ugly!!!
Joe Bermingham
Bad Ass!
Changhoo Park
no way...
Jim Bur
This intrigues me much more than the regular Stingray.
John Larsen
Stingray is a homerun, but pass on this
Tinu Singh
Denny Murray
Love it!!
John Day
Yes, please!
Greg Lane
I thought it was the FF at first.. They all look the same today :(

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