California Wants Drivers to Change Oil Less Often

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Put away the wrenches and funnels: California’s recycling agency, CalRecycle, wants drivers to change their oil less frequently. The agency says that drivers who routinely change their car’s engine oil every 3000 miles are wasting resources and money, and damaging the environment.

CalRecycle reports that as many as 15 million Californians still abide by the rule of the thumb that engine oil should be changed every 3000 miles driven, even though modern cars can travel five times that distance between oil changes. If all drivers in California obeyed the actual oil-change intervals specified by the car’s manufacturer, the agency claims about 10 million gallons of oil could be saved annually.

In addition to wasting consumers’ money, the agency says that excessive oil changes waste energy and can pollute the environment. Forty percent of American waterways are said to be contaminated with used engine oil. In addition, CalRecycle claims that over 153 million gallons of waste engine oil are created each year.

To help combat the issue, CalRecycle has launched a new website,, that allows drivers to find the manufacturer-recommend oil-change interval for their vehicle. According to the website, a 2003 Ford Focus only needs an oil change every 5000 miles, a 2009 Chevrolet Corvette can travel 7500 miles between oil changes, and a 2010 Audi R8 only needs fresh oil every 10,000 miles.

Source: CalRecycle

It's hard to believe that burning used dirty oil is better than recycling it.
All that website does is tell you what is in your owner's manual.
Grant N
I suppose this isn't considered "green" enough for california, but here in ND a trucking company is burning the waste oil from the trucks in industrial heaters, it lasts through the winter and is extremely cost effective. The systems to help clean up pollutants from these heaters are regulated by the automechanics working there. If anyone has further info on emissions from these systems I would love to see the stats. It is a wonderful system and seems to be a good use for that 153 million gallons of oil they speak of!
I change oil at 5K on non syn oil and about 15K-20K on syn oil. Never a problem but I always watch the level and top off when necessary.
Dude, I have no sympathy for people who buy Chrysler products then complain. If they don't burn it, they leak it. What did you expect?
My POS Dodge burns a quart of oil every 3000 miles & according to Chrysler that's ok. Probably explains why the crankcase holds 6Qts. instead of 5. When you hear the lifters in the morning when you first start the pile up you know it's getting down to 5Qt. of oil in the crankcase & it's time to change the oil. Even when you change the oil your still stuck with one full quart of old oil. BRILLIANT Dodger.

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