Cadillac planning Four-Cylinder Vehicle for 2010 (Insert Cimarron joke here)

Automobile Staff
1982 Cadillac Cimarron

Although Cadillac has shelved plans for a V-12 flagship, they are preparing to offer you options with one third as many cylinders.

Cadillac is working on a four-cylinder small sedan for late 2010, right in time for the new CAFE regulations and America’s sudden obsession with fuel economy. The new Caddy will slot in under the CTS.

Unlike the infamous Cimarron or the 9-3-based BLS sold in Europe, the new car will ride on a new, rear-wheel-drive platform. There is debate about naming the new car BLS in the U.S.

It’s possible the four-cylinder could be turbocharged and a V-6 engine may be an option for U.S. buyers. Cadillac officials aren’t so sure Americans would accept a luxury car that only uses a four-cylinder engine.

Source: Automotive News

direct injected 7.1L v16 cylinder deactivation aluminum/titanium carbon fiber AWD
If the Mazda GLC was a Great Little Car, what would the Cadillac BLS be? Boring Little Sedan? Come on, Caddy...learn from your mistakes.Yes, we promise not to make any Cimarron jokes. No, really,I swear!

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