Cadillac vs. Lincoln: Which American Luxury Brand Will Triumph?

General Motors CEO Dan Akerson’s lengthy interview with the Detroit News revealed a heap of dirt about GM’s future -- as well as what he (or perhaps even the company) thinks of competitors. Akerson praised GM’s luxury brand Cadillac, while dismissing its crosstown rival: Ford’s Lincoln division. To quote Ackerson,“You might as well sprinkle holy water. [Lincoln is] over.”

Is it? Does Cadillac truly have the upper hand in the domestic luxury battle between GM and Ford? We took at look at Cadillac and Lincoln’s sales figures and future plans to see which of the two American luxury brands is most likely to succeed.

Based on sales volumes, Cadillac significantly outstripped Lincoln in 2010. Lincoln sold 85,828 vehicles, up 3.6 percent compared to 2009. Its volume leaders were the MKZ sedan (22,535 sales) and the MKX crossover (21,932 sales.)By contrast Cadillac sold 146,925 vehicles in 2010, up 34.7 percent over 2009, with volumes led by the SRX crossover (51,094 sold in 2010) and the CTS (45,656 sales.) Lincoln may have lagged behind Cadillac in the dealer wars, but 85,828 vehicles is nothing to be sniffed at. Moreover, Lincoln managed to oust Lexus from top spot in the prestigious J.D. Power Dependability ratings.

Cadillac plans to continue its sales success with several new products. Akerson says that the next batch of Cadillac vehicles will be competitive, but interestingly, he claims “they’re not going to blow the doors off” other vehicles in the class. Cadillac will gradually ramp-up its quality and product offerings so that within one or two years, Cadillac can sell successfully as a global brand.

The first part of that strategy is the introduction of two new sedans. The XTS will be a large, front-wheel-drive flagship model presaged by the XTS concept that bowed at the 2010 Detroit auto show. The other has yet to be named, but all signs point to it being called ATS. The ATS should be a rear-drive luxury sedan poised to fight the BMW 3 Series, with a likely debut in 2013. New investments in existing GM plants underline that the company is serious about these new vehicles. Additional rumors say the Cadillac will eventually replace the Escalade with a seven-seat crossover based on GM’s popular Lambda platform. Current Lambda products comprise the Buick Enclave, Chevrolet Traverse, and GMC Acadia.

Lincoln’s future product plans, on the other hand, are less clear. In late 2010 the company appointed designer Max Wolff its official design director, with the mission of imbuing Lincoln with a more upscale feel and style. Wolff was a former GM stylist and, with a heavy dose of irony, had previously served as Cadillac’s head of exterior design.

There are three products we can expect from the Lincoln pipeline over the next few years. First is a small C-segment vehicle that will be based on the new Ford Focus platform. The compact is meant to attract younger buyers to Lincoln showrooms. The MKZ sedan may be redesigned by late 2012, and may share quite a bit with the European Ford Mondeo.

It’s also rumored that Lincoln will debut a crossover smaller than the MKX -- potentially based on the next-gen Ford Escape/Kuga crossover -- to go head-to-head with Lexus’ RX and Cadillac’s SRX.

Part of Lincoln’s mission is for its vehicles to be more distinct from the Ford products on which they’re based. Bespoke styling, adaptive suspension, unique engines, and a focus on all-wheel-drive are said to underpin future Lincoln products in that drive to be distinct. With a large proportion of Lincoln buyers already opting for all-wheel drive, it will become the company’s signature drivetrain. At this point, a rear-drive Lincoln doesn’t look all that likely.

Although Cadillac is beating Lincoln in the sales race, both brands are promising a range of new and improved vehicles over the next few years. Until we see the aforementioned new products, it’s hard to judge just how successful each company will be, but we think it’s premature to say that Lincoln is dead. Mr. Akerson, we respectfully disagree: both Cadillac and Lincoln still have plenty more life in them, provided those in charge of each brand pick future products wisely and execute them perfectly.

What say you? Does Cadillac hold the trump card over Lincoln? What does each brand need in terms of product over the next 3-5 years to remain competitive in the market? What features or traits should serve as brand hallmarks for each marque? Send your suggestions to us by means of the comments field below.

The brands need to build something that kicks out the imports. Caddy looks serious in this case and did a great job till now by making high competitive cars that top the German imports. But Linclon's strategy of the future is not yet clear; what kinda car you gonna build, who you gonna kick out of the market? Or you're playing you own game. Lincoln is making such  great cars but demanded very much by the customers although I believe, to a luxury brand, its cars shouldn't be played out. Both brands need a flagship sedan, to take a serious step. And don't get fooled;XTS is not a flagship sedan.
I think that happens because of the crisis and tends in the global word. In any case I think and I hope then one day American car will return.
I agree that Lincoln cars are crap ugly,the new cars have no personality,no feeling and the majority of cars today,all have the same basic look.Cadillac has cars that stand out from the "cookie cutter" cars. Unfortunately todays American car designers have no imagination and their designs are controlled by the Japanese and Europeans. American car original designs have been gone since the eighties and except for a couple companies,don't have the balls to do something totally American. HOW SAD IS THAT.....
Agreed .. I quit buying Lincolns with the demise of their rwd's and 32v 8's
Bill Peterson
None of the Lincolns i based on the Ford Focus, one is based on the Ford Fusion. The 2013 version is dramatically styled and should help Lincoln get back into the game.
Frankie, where did you get the information that the 3rd generation SRX will be back as RWD? And I completely agree with every comment you made about GM.
cadillac has a huge is no more than a buick/ lexus competitor no coupes no rwd and the shit they do have is ugly, GM has the new ats which will probably give the bmw 3 series a good run for the money, the xts is full of technology and is just meant to be a spacious luxury cruiser both cars having high quality new interiors they will definitely sell, not to mention the cadillac ats will offer great FE and also offer a diesel, and the 2014 cts is coming will be a direct competitor to the bmw 5 series and Mercedes e class will debut with one of GM's new twin turbo v6 engines,gm has also said there will be a coupe to slot between the ats and cts like the audi a5, a large full size rwd v8 powered 7 series fighter and the srx to go rwd, another suv to go between the srx and escalade which is also going to be a true luxury suv with a bigger better v8 and with GM's new 4 cylinders and v8's and turbo v6's they will give cadillac a much better advantage and of course the current cts is good looking and competitive and the cts v cannot be touched by anything lincoln offers it left the germans scratching there heads, gm engineers arent stupid they just have 4 brands to deal with and cant afford to just sink all there money into chevy and not cadillac and buick like ford does, but even that chevy makes good vehicles now, GM is getting out of there old ways they are in fact but u cant snap your fingers and have perfectly re engineered and designed cars over night, but dont get me wrong if ford would make at least one rwd/awd coupe and sedan for lincoln both with high performance versions and some new styling the whole baleen whale thing is got to goo, they could at least have a halo car to show for
GM will its a better brand.....
Cadillac will win this race because when Ford bought Jaguar, Ford invested all of their energy into trying to make a better car out the Jag. Ford sold Jag at a loss and the gained technology went along with the sale. Ford should have invested the money into Lincoln because some years ago they had a decent rear drive platform and now nothing to compete with any luxury car brand. Why buy a Lincoln when you can buy an Accura with the same design cues? Lincoln will not survive until they read what car magazines and the public have been telling them what they must do inorder for the survival of the Lincoln brand. Who wants a rebadged Fusion and Tarus? Good luck Ford for being lazy with your non-rear wheel drive design.
Ford should return lincoln to its glory days. A lincoln should be a fast and inovative car that is priced above the current levels. We see rebadged versuins of both brands and that turns people off. When you can't tell a towncar from a crown vic or a equinox from a SRX. Change the showrooms to reflect more of a Lexus fell
Until Ford decides to make Lincoln something more then a nice Ford, it will not compete. Think about Lincoln up to and including the 1960's. You knew when you saw, rode in or drove a Lincoln, you were in much more then a Ford. Not so much today, and people know that.
Cadillac does have a 7 series, S class, A8 fighter coming. It'll be here in about 4 yrs or so. ;)
Lincoln is in big trouble, the current and as it appears upcoming product is rebadged Fords. This can work for part of your line up but not the entire line. There is a big market right now for small crossovers, ie Honda CRV, Ford Escape, the GM family Caddy SRX, Chevy Equinox, GMC Terrain. The SRX sold about 4200 units in Jan. 2012. While not a huge number it makes sense for Lincoln to have a version of upcoming new 13 model Escape. While it would be another rebadge, at least it would be a rebadge in hot selling market. The key to sales is getting people in the door to look then upsell when possible, a Focus based model is not the key to this. Then Lincoln needs to work on having a model or two that are Lincoln only in the next 2-3 years, this is the only way to save Lincoln, otherwise it will be a dead brand by the end of this decade. I am not a Ford or Lincoln hater I would love to see Lincoln and Caddy both stand toe to toe and then some with MB, BMW, Lexus.
Maybe his comment had a slight racial overtone (not that i care). Most "well off" people are older and then they die, but then so will your generation not before growing old of course. I drive like a total ass and I condone it, but I also understand that the people around me cant see the grandstands and checkered flag's I do on the way to work so I can understand how a 1/2" tire sidewall can suck. Not all luxury sedans need to be sports sedans and there will always be cranky racist old people.
The problem with Lincoln is their current products are trying to compete with Buick and Lexus, not Cadillac (or M-B, BMW). Lincoln needs a home run, reasonably afforable image product. When the Mustang comes out with independent rear suspension in 2015, let Lincoln use this chassis and the 412 HP 5.0 liter engine to build a genuine performance Lincoln 2 door. Lincoln's current big grille, long hood, Mustang GT levels of handling and acceleration with Lincoln luxury. Sort of a Bentley Continental for those who can afford to pay $50K instead of $175K. Lincoln desperately needs an attention getter that a car like this would be. Then follow it up with a 4 door sedan on the same platform. Style it like the 2011 Bertone Jaguar concept but with a trimmed, widenedLincoln grill. Again in the $50K price range, with the 5.0 V8 and new Mustang suspension bits. With the improvements to the Mustang, Ford has shown that it can compete if it wants. But the solution is to build a great, reasonably priced, luxuey sport sedan, not a 4WD blandmobile. Lincoln, if you are listening, I am available to consult on retainer.
I can't help think of Lincoln's historical positions as an innovator both technically and stylistically. Think of the first Continental, the Mark II (and all the Mark cars, really), even the 58-9-60 cars that were so wonderfully strange but remain beautiful, then the smashing 1961 Continental and that stunning convertible. The 60s Continentals were simply top-rank in every way, including the promotion, which was so refined and elegant. Lincolns had Sure-Track braking, HID lamps, disc brakes, air suspension, and so forth, early on. Something got lost in the Lincoln division: the acceptance of and transition into the gradually changing new realities of auto design and marketing. It's a complex world we live in, very different from the era when Caddy and Lincoln were the only rivals for the top of the market.
I'm in the target demographic (50 and doing OK, previous BMW and M-B owner but soured to the repair bills and quality control problems) and like both Cadillac and Lincoln brands - always have - but these companies are making dopey mistakes. Currently own a late-model Lincoln Navigator and a new Cadillac SRX (wife's car) and we think they're both great vehicles. One pet peeve of mine is how sad that their marketing teams completely miss the advantage these historic American brands have by using stupid and meaningless acronym-based naming conventions! It used to mean something to say "I just bought an Eldorado" or "hey is that the new Continental?" Can't say that these days: "It's the new XYZPDQ model; you know, the sorta mid-size V6 4-door, front-drive... oh, I can't describe it..." As for product, they've both got hot-selling mid-size sedans and crossovers in V6 4-door FWD mainstay offerings to appeal to the masses, now expand the line-up already! They're both missing personal luxury performance cars; imagine the excitement around a new Eldorado or the halo effect a new Mark-Nine with a reliable Ford V8 would have? Count me in! Lincoln doesn't need an entry-level Focus-based 4-cylinder anything - it's a low-margin car to appeal to an audience Lincoln has never sold big to. Don't need another crossover either, they've got one in the MKXYZTP thing with the gorgeous new interior (yay!) but the dummies in styling dropped the cool foil-razor grill from the previous model (boo!). Cadillac has cool new styling and the V-series is hot; maybe allow a V engine in a plain-wrapper CTS as the V grill makes it look like something other than a Caddy :-( Keep but improve the STS (with an emphasis on performance), keep but improve the DTS (emphasize luxury and call it a DEVILLE) and what are they thinking by introducing an "XTS" and referring to complex hybrid technology and having that replace these two great straightforward cars that have established and reliable markets just awaiting refreshes? Meanwhile Lincoln's making styling mistakes with the cartoonish mustache grill; make a large powerful sedan that looks related to the current Navigator and I'll be in the long line to buy it.
Fascinating, this article gives a bunch of facts favoring Cadillac and then says it is a draw for the future, but very few facts favor Cadllac: 1) Cadillac sales right now are about double Lincoln 2) Lincoln has limited new products (three), one based on the Ford Focus. I doubt anyone on this board is clamoring for a Ford Focus based Lincoln. Am I wrong? 3) While GM has a clearly stated strategy, the only strategy out of Ford is they plan to revamp the line...evenutally. Three cars is a start, but again, the Focus? I would agree Lincoln is not dead unless Ford gives up on it, and that is doubtful considering what just happened to Mercury. I don't see Ford going to one brand in the USA. However as far as the future looks right now, Lincoln's fortunes seem to be fraught with more risk that what Cadillac is proposing. As the article states, execution is everything - but then I could have told you that, and not bothered to write an article that does not draw any conclusions from the facts that were collected.
6 decades, huh. People like you won't be around much longer. You should be more concerned on how your next wheel chair rides and if Caddy will build a next generation herse for your last ride. But yes, I do agree that some names need to be brought back, just not those ancient forms of ride quality and slack performance.
Baleen = Edsel. Big fan of Lincoln reliability. Huge fan that Ford didn't take tax payer's money. Will not buy GM because they did. Will not buy Lincoln because styling is embarrassing.
I own an LS, great car for the day, but underpowered now. Bring us a decent sport-sedan with a killer engine. I do not like the CTS styling, but that V-engine...ah, that is to die for. No rebadged Focus, give me room for a family, some style, and oh yeah, the killer engine!
B. Walter
As a Cadillac owner for six decades, bring back the Fleetwood, de Ville, and Sixty designations, along with Eldorado, Those abbreviated letters don't work ... if you think so, why not have these two new model names, being the "DOT" and the "COM." And kill those ridiculous low profile tires on those models that deserve an historic Cadillac ride and anti-pot hole duty of the northern USA. "The Standard of the World" has become "The Standard of the Hood!" What's next, a pimp coat & hat as standard equipment with the next Escalade?
jim schwebach
In the midst of a new car search, I've driven both the CTS and the MKS. The CTS drove much like my 2001 Aurora 8 and had many of the same features, The MKS drive was an interesting experience, the combination of a more than part throttle take off and turning left brought oversteer that was down right scary. Felt like it was trying to drive its own tailpipe. So of the two the CTS was the hands down selection. But I'm still looking.
abe snortz
The "baleen whale" look is hideous. I laugh at every one I see. You probably like the Acura disasters out now too.
If it was really such a competitive vehicle why hasn't ford made it more available for magazine comparisons? I read all the car magazines, both in print and online and can't recall ever seeing the MKS in a comparison test with anyone, though it might do well in a comparison with the Genesis, Lexus ES, or outgoing GS and the Acura RL. I think out of that group it is the best looking as it is the most successful use of the current Lincoln design language, but don't see it anywhere near ready to compete with the germans yet.
Actually it is harder to find a 2wd Audi than an AWD/Quattro in most parts of the country. And now that the Quattro has been tuned to be more rear wheel biased it is even better. If you look at some of the recent write ups comparing the new A6 to the legendary 5 series, you might be shocked. If Lincoln really wants a shot they need a distinctive design that is a little more distinctive than what they have now which has the MKZ and MKS looking like an update to the 89 Continental, and they need to give the MKZ a dash design that doesn't look boxy and dated like the Navigators. And they really need to drop or drastically restyle the MKT which looks partly like a first gen Infiniti FX, partly like a PT Cruiser with the headlights of the Mark 8 which was Lincoln's last real serious attempt at something that was both modern and distinctive. The LS was a good effort, it is a car that aged very well from the outside, I just saw one the other day, but the interior and engines fell short. The CTS may not be perfect, but it is a good formula to follow, have something that at least in performance can compete with a 5 series or E class at the price point of the 3 series and c class, it's styling is very distinctive compared to the others it competes with which some people want. You never hear anyone complain about Cadillac's bland styling like they do for Lexus and yet it still is not as polarizing as the recent Acuras.
Considering Lincolns current offerings, it does not have the prestige to make a car like an MKR with GT 500 engine a success. Mercedes BMW and Audi and even as much as I hate to say it, Lexus could all pull off a car like that. Performance cars have not been a serious part of the lincolns image for far too long. If Lincoln could move its cars up a notch so they have something competing with a 5 series and Eclass a next step would then be a new flag ship sedan then something like the MKR, until then it is far too big a leap.
Considering Cadillac woke up in the late 80s with the Allante and the early 90s with the Seville and Eldorado, I would think they are 20 years ahead of Lincoln on their rebirth. Not to say there were no missteps, the Catera for one, downsizing everything that made the SRX the cooler alternative to the Lexus RX, first two generations of the Escalade looking way too much like corporate cousins, but they are still decades ahead of lincoln. Look at demographics, the average lincoln owner is also cross shopping caskets and headstones and picking out clothes to wear for thier viewing, where as Caddy is already attracting younger buyers. Hell I would go so far as to say Lincoln needs to get competitive with Buick before setting their sites on competing with Cadillac, Buick is a more realistic goal for Lincoln.
I think like some people already said, Lincoln needs a new MKR which can offer the GT 500 engine. Which will get all the media talking about Lincoln and show the younger buyer its cool to drive a Lincoln. The styling could be a little more appealing; it's too boring. Love the new interiors. Most luxury brands have more edge; Caddies even have a unique styling. Not to sure about most Lincoln models being front wheel drive? Might be silly, but would add LED day time running lights as well as rear LED's. Stand alone turn signals as well as turn signals in side view mirrors. Lincoln has to keep up with European automakers if it wants new buyers.
Having been a very disappointed owner of a CTS, I believe the Cadillac approach of unique platforms with very poor quality is doomed to fail. If they used proven systems from the high volume GM platforms they could have quality to compare with the Lincolns. I now own a MKZ and have found it to be a far superior vehicle to the CTS at a much better value.
Linkol still has great potential in battle against Cadillac. Let's wait and see.
Oh and an MKR GT with the GT500 drivetrain as a direct competitor with the M5, E63, CTS-V.
many are saying that Lincoln needs exclusive models, not re-badged Fords. That might be true, but, why does no one make the same case for Lexus? For the most part, they are re-badged Toyotas, with some luxury features. the customer service at Lexus, however, is true luxury
Anthony Norris
The Lincoln brand has all the potential in the world to compete with any luxury brand in it's class. It has all the ingredients to be an overnight success. The problem is the design/engineering team has no vision AND no idea what it means to own a Lincoln (fire them all). How in the world do you let the TOWN CAR die?! Bring back the 'real' names and get some young 'mature' folks in the design/engineering departments (like me...39 yrs old current driver of Town 2nd). My lineup...Navigator, Town Car, Continental, and uhh Zephyr (that name for now). 8,8,6,4 respectively. Stretch the Town Car interior 1.5 ft, shrink the trunk by 1.5 ft, shorten the front overhang by .6 in., install the 5.0 V8, at least 6spd tranny, (Lincoln has to call me for the rest) will create a instant winner and best seller in the large car market. I haven't gotten to the Navigator, Continental (MKS) and Zephyr (MKZ) yet!! With the 'right' team, it would be 'easy' for Lincoln to get on the map. I'm not going share all my ideas online ......Lincoln needs to contact me ASAP!
Ford has done a great job over the last 5 years in recreating and producing the new Taurus, Focus and Fusion. All of these are more competitive with its perceived competition than ANYTHING from GM. If Ford is as successful in recreating and delivering Lincoln with the same capability then watch out Cadillac! Cadillacs are just plain ugly and I don't know anyone who would opt for a Caddy instead of anything else out there. I believe that Cad and Lincoln are after thoughts in the minds of their true target market. GM sucks anyway.
There is no question that Cadillac outsells Lincolns ... TODAY. This is what makes this particular discussion very difficult. Lincoln makes some really nice cars today that few folks will ever know about. I agree with the young man who said (as others have said) that they need a 2014 Mustang based "MK R" type vehicle plus new mid-and large size cars. Bring back the real names. I have complete faith that such vehicles are coming ... time will tell, of course.
Lincoln really should build the MKR on the Mustang GT platform with IRS.
I don't believe that Ford should feel it needs to compete with Cadillac. I feel Ford should be looking at Audi, BMW, Jaguar, and Mercedes as direct competitors. I agree that Lincoln will probably never see the sales success as Cadillac but who cares? Selling fewer cars but still maintaining quality and exclusivity in a performance luxury category is where I think Lincoln should be. Currently Lincoln build/material quality (especially the MKS and MKT) blow the doors off of Cadillac. No sense in risking that just to sell more.
Paul Richards
If you'd seriously buy a Hyundai Genesis over a Lincoln MKS, you're settling for a lot less. The ride can't compare. Neither can the quality. Or the technology for that matter. I truly can't beleive you'd make such a statement. On its best day Genesis couldn't touch MKS.
Paul Richards
I own a 2011 MKS Ecoboost and it can and most certainly does compete in the luxury segment. Ride, looks, quality, technology, luxury appointments; you name it. Great value too.
Paul Richards
Repulsive to you, maybe. Some of us, myself included think the grill on the MKS and MKX is drop dead gorgeous.
Cadillac definitely has a big edge over Lincoln. Caddy has a head start with the CTS, SRX and the soon to be launched XTS and the ATS. whereas, Lincoln's models still don't have a defined market. The models look like spruced up Ford's and the styling needs to be improved. That grill is repulsive. Going for AWD like Audi is a good idea. But it has to be a style leader and bring out plenty of new models addressing different segments of the market. However, bringing out small cars, the size of a Focus, at this stage would be a bad idea, especially when the brand is not well established. Besides, Lincoln should not use any of the Ford platforms or Engines. It would be another debacle like the Jaguar X-Type that failed because of the Mondeo Platform. If Ford is serious about their Luxury brand, then it has to spend good money on it and build a strong image based on style, engineering and performance and also aim for a younger market. It would take many years to achieve that, but they have to put in the effort now.
I own a 2007 MKZ, bought "lightly used" last year for half the cost of a new one. It's a good value at that level, and I am thrilled at what I got for much less than $20K. I'm not sure how Lincoln sells the same car for $38K in a world inhabited by the Lexus ES, Acura TL, Infinity G37 and so on. The basic car is really good, but so is a Fusion. The interior needs a huge upgrade in material, fit and finish. Lincoln needs to build larger RWD sedans to compete. AWD based on FWD is not the same. Ask Acura how that went with the RL, or ask Audi how well the A6 or A8 are selling. Lincoln does NOT need a badge-engineered Focus. Lord help us, it will be the end of the brand entirely! My perception is that with the demise of Mercury, Lincoln is becoming the "dressed up Ford" that Mercury was. They have a long way to go to be Cadillac-competitive.
Lincoln has been suffering from an identity crisis since the nineties where badge engineering took on a whole new level. I'd rather drive a 79 Lincoln Versailles than a new mkz. That gussied up Granada looked like a Lincoln at least.
Cadillac was in pretty rough shape before the Escalade. Nobody but old folks wanted them. Then the CTS was a home run. The updated SRX greatly improved on the original, though it looks a lot like the last generation Saturn Vue and current Equinox from many angles. I've got no dog in this fight, but with Ford appearing to be on better financial footing, I wouldn't count Lincoln out yet. They've got strong designers, strong global platforms, and a greater focus (no pun intended) now that it's just Ford and Lincoln. If they can define their design language the way Cadillac has, and it appeals to the 25 year old and the 65 year old alike, they can be relevant again. Lots of "ifs", but that's the car business...
Agreed, the me-too alpha numeric nomenclature is too confusing. Great product will build the name that builds the brand. Lincoln needs an attainable halo car.. I'm thinking a 4 door coupe built on the Mustang platform (with IRS) with knock-out styling.
It was also rumored in Road & Track that the next Ford GT might be branded a Lincoln.
I own a Lincoln MKS. I agree with the article and nearly all comments. I was looking a a Taurus SHO but the Lincoln was the same price...and only one-year old. Lincoln cannot compete in the luxury segment but if you're looking for a glorified Ford, it's worth a look. I like the car so far...
Sorry Lincoln, but even as big a Ford fan as I am, your not going to compete with Cadillac or anyone else for that matter without proper mid size and large rear drive platforms.

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