Cadillac Converj Likely to Reach Production?

Remember the Cadillac Converj concept shown earlier this year at the 2009 Detroit auto show? It seems as if the slinky hybrid Caddy may be destined for production in a few years' time.

According to The Detroit News, the extended-range electric Converj would closely resemble the concept car, which shared the powertrain and lithium-ion battery pack used in the upcoming Chevrolet Volt. The shared underpinnings would help General Motors amortize the cost of expensive system. Vice chairman Bob Lutz has said a premium offering with the same technology could allow a higher price tag, further recouping the cost of the batteries.

Cadillac has no official comment on whether the Converj is destined for production, but seeing as GM needs to spread this technology as widely as it can in order to make money -- to say nothing of new eco-friendly compact offerings from Lexus and Audi -- it doesn't seem that unlikely. If the News is correct, expect Converj production to start sometime after Volt assembly begins in late 2010.

Source: The Detroit News

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