Britain Experiments with Speed Monitoring Technology

Automobile Staff
British Speed Limit Sign

Researchers in Britain have been testing new techniques that will monitor the speed limits of drivers and, in some cases, slow them down automatically. The system works by satellites sending signals to cars outfitted with this system based on the speed limit of the road they are on or if they are in certain areas, like school zones.

Known as Intelligent Speed Adaptation, three different methods have been tested. The first simply issues a voice alert reminding the driver of the speed limit. The second would hit the brakes or cut the fuel supply to the engine until the vehicle reaches an appropriate speed, but the driver could override the system by pressing a button or firmly pressing the gas pedal. The last system would prevent drivers from overriding the speed limiter.

For those worrying about Big Brother, the discussion surrounding the system now revolves around it being a voluntary program. A poll by Britain's Department for Transportation showed that 54 percent of people would be willing to buy the system if it were voluntary. The system is still being tested by several companies but there are no plans as of yet to implement on a wide scale.

Source: Telegraph

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