Bob Lutz now says Pontiac G8 will not be made into Chevrolet

Last week, we were excited to report that the Pontiac G8 would survive as a Chevrolet. We had nonchalantly asked Bob Lutz in a phone interview what the new GM has to offer the Pontiac G8 shopper, and the newly appointed marketing chief just as nonchalantly told us the car would be made a Chevy.

;Since then, we’ve seen some ominous signs. CEO Fritz Henderson wouldn’t back down from his earlier position against rebadging (apparently, he hasn’t been to a GMC dealer of late), and was quoted on Jalopnik as telling reporters, “Bob Lutz says a lot of things, but he works for me.”

Now, exactly one week after our scoop, Lutz has officially retreated. In a GM blog, he reported, “Upon further review and careful study, we simply cannot make a business case for such a program. Not in today’s market, in this economy, and with fuel regulations what they are and will be.”

We can’t comment as to the business viability of continuing the G8, as we're not invited to their product planning meetings (and certainly won't be now). We can only humbly note that several automakers, including Nissan, Hyundai, and Chrysler, have found ways to offer powerful rear-wheel-drive sedans in the same price-range as the Pontiac G8, and we hope one day General Motors will get on board as well. We also hope that what we’re seeing here is indeed decision making based on business and not a relapse of GM's "can't do" culture or worse, a corporate power struggle between Lutz and Henderson at the most critical time in in the company's history.

Let's just say we have a hunch that we haven't heard the last of this...

Thanks again GM. You're decision making process hasn't changed one bit no matter how much cash we the taxpayers pumped into your s(t)inking ship. You're worried about future fuel economy regs? DUH!! Get rid of the big suv's!
not keeping the g8 ? now you see why they went bankrupt in the first place
Well I for one am not surprised to hear this as GM is still struggling to get out of losing money and making profit. Even though GM is out of bankruptcy they still have an uphill battle to go through.
Credit where credit is due: he bought American.So "Yes We Can" also means "I Support My Country".Thanks Barack - maybe you'll inspire others to at least consider doing that for a change.
Yes, there’s always a foreign manufacturer willing and able to provide exactly what we want and while our own economy dies a slow death, our dollars continue building empires abroad. Let me get this straight: we can still select from an entire line of gigantic and expensive rebadged Chevy trucks and SUVs (if we have a sudden urge to go green) but the new Government Motors cannot justify continuation of a well regarded, affordable RWD V-8 sport sedan with competitive fuel economy numbers? This is NOT about viability. Paradoxically, Senator Obamanation drove a Chrysler 300C prior to election (until political pressure nudged him to ditch it for an Escape Hybrid) proving “Yes We Can” sadly also means “Do As I Say, Not As I Do”.
"Yes we can" sounds more like "No we won't" to me.
Well, I'll just get a RWD Kia then. It seems Hyundai and Kia care more about what customers want lately anyway and offer better value for the money - more than GM ever has and apparently ever will. This is not a surprise to me.
How do Henderson and the Obama administration make a case for GMC then? This car is (1) already federalized and (2) its very good and (3) working class people can actually afford to add it to their shopping list. Why must we lose?What the “new” GM doesn't need is a bunch of passionless suits who don't really care about cars making decisions that leave consumers little choice but to shop elsewhere. The dictator in the White House has no business furthering his agenda by influencing which cars are permissible for GM to sell and you can be damned sure if this hypocrite's election fundraising UAW “supporters” stood to gain, we'd see them double production and badge these not only as Chevrolets but Buicks too."Yes We Can"? Can what? Take away a consumer's right to choose? Force GM not to compete in markets where it's already invested billions to develop strong contenders? Welcome to the new communist America. “Yes We Can” looks more and more like "No We Can't" every day.Lutz is the GM loyalist's only hope. Keep fighting for us Bob and help save free market capitalism.

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