Bob Lutz Hints Camaro Z28 is Dead Again

Newly unretired General Motors vice-chairman Bob Lutz hinted today that the Chevrolet Camaro Z28 will not see production.

The Z28 was rumored to be Chevy’s answer to the Ford Mustang GT500, and it would likely have been powered by the supercharged LSA engine found in the Cadillac CTS-V. It was apparently put on hold due to both cost constraints and concerns about the blatant political incorrectness of building a gas-guzzling, super pony car.

Lutz assured us we haven’t seen the end of GM performance cars.

“Any fears that the days of high-performance General Motors cars may be numbered or totally over can be allayed,” Lutz said. “There is no pressure at all to get off the high-performance thing.”

Still, with stricter fuel economy standards on the horizon, Lutz noted that the mainstream sports car formula will likely move away from big V-8s. He pointed to the V-6 Camaro that makes 304 hp and returns 29 mpg on the highway is a more realistic image of future performance cars.

“I think the V-6 Camaro is probably a very good model for the future of the high-performance car in America,” Lutz said, adding, “the Solstice coupe with the 2.0-liter turbo engine is another good expression of the future of the high-performance car, which is smaller, lighter, more fuel-efficient, and probably with lower displacement, but with a turbocharger.”

It's a real shame that this concept of the Camaro won't be coming out. I was really hoping the Shelby would get some competition and it's clear that the Camaro would be the only competition it would have. Oh well....looks like GM just isn't going to cut it these days.
So, GM will be involved in performance cars in the future? Is this why the Cobalt and HHR SS have both been canceled? They both offered good mileage and the posed no notable environmental impact, which should have made the powers that be happy. They both had been fully developed and currently available, so why did they go away?I have little faith in the claims made by GM reps that the gov. is not making the decisions on what vehicles they make; I just see little to no evidence in that yet. In fact, I think it's rather apparent the opposite could be said.
"The Solstice another good expression of the future of the high performance car..." except, Bob fails to mention, GM won't be building any more of these. Just as well since the performance car of the future will probably have some kind of practicality and build quality. It is hard to understand how the Miata guys could do this for years and GM never figured it out.
Ever since the first glimpse of the Camaro Concept, I had planned to add another new Camaro to my collection. My very first car was a brand new '69 Z/28, the next year I added a '70 1/2 Z/28 (I added a '68 SS convertible after that). I had assumed the next Z/28 would have the LS-A engine when I saw it developed for the CTS-V. the lack of a Z/28 is exactly why I won't be buying a new Camaro anytime soon. The Z/28 was always a very unique model, and was always the pinnacle of the Camaro lineup. The Camaro group will not be complete without it! C'mon Bob, Ed, have got to build this thing!!
Here we go again...Will GM cars become the next K-Cars? It can't take much to re-badge and re-gear the Camaro to make the Z-28, even if it's a small volume. The car was already designed for it. This should be a no-brainer to compete against the Mustang GT and Shelby, and put GM number 1 (in the muscle car group).
Not everybody is stupid or failed English 101. Bob Lutz speaks fork tongue. This is why GM has no right to be in any business, they lie every single minute, they have no idea what honesty is. The truth is, that GM has to be "politically correct", so they not only have to make crappy cars, the way the UAW knows how, but Obama designed econo boxes and omit enthusiast's cars to please the Government, their Owner. Big Brother is watching every step and the executives at GM are nothing else, but priostitutes paid by the Government.

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