Bob is Back: GM Officially Retains Bob Lutz As Advisor

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So much for retirement. After leaving General Motors and serving as a part-time advisor to a number of automakers (including Lotus), Bob Lutz is apparently returning to the General for yet another tour of duty. GM announced late Friday that Lutz, who apparently also moonlighted as an unofficial advisor for GM brass after retiring in 2010, will now officially be lending his thoughts and guidance to GM's senior leadership

Odd news, but perhaps good news -- at least for those who consider themselves car enthusiasts. Over the course of his lengthy career at GM, BMW, Ford, and Chrysler and GM again, Lutz has long been the champion of cars that car guys love. Lutz was behind the Pontiac G8, Pontiac Solstice, Cadillac CTS and Pontiac GTO, Dodge Viper, and the Opel/ Bitter CD, to name a few.

Lutz remaining an advisor might just allow his car enthusiasm to rub off on GM’s current leadership -- many of whom proclaim they're not "car people." If so, perhaps that might provide the spark that yields enjoyable cars for years to come.

Source: GM

Barbara Loomans
Respectfully, you have to be one of the most out of touch people on the planet concerning the American worker. It is unfortunate Msnbc gave you the platform to speak today because you just showed in no uncertain terms how ignorant you are concerning our economy and what is really needed to have a productive and healthy environment in the work place so everyone wins. Please do yourself a favor and stay off the news shows or else do not speak or you risk making a fool of yourself again. Disappointing...
HUGE mistake. There he is, proudly sitting in his Pontiac Solstice, a brilliant design for a poorly made car, and a division he drove into the ground. Proof NOTHING has really changed in Detroit since 2009.
Tom Warnimont
This is a big mistake.

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