BMW Beats: “Check My Machine” Music Video is BMW’s Billboard Hit

BMW’s marketing staff has been getting creative lately, launching outrageous spots featuring the BMW 1 Series M drifting through walls and even going sky-high atop the world’s highest helipad for some donut sessions. While some questioned the reality of those ads, a new BMW music video – a BMW first -- takes a different approach and shows just how real its 2012 1 Series is, complete with real Bimmer beats.

BMW’s “Check My Machine” clip features a catchy riff that stays in your head long after you finish hearing it. Many of us may have seen the manufacturing process of a car, but not like this. No auto tune here, just funky futuristic beats that go perfectly with the theme of the video. The project was created in collaboration between the BMW Group's Electronic Media Department and Munich artists Jonas Imbery (Gomma Records) and Mirko Borsche.

The setting is BMW’s Regensburg plant, and opens with a sea of robots working vigorously on putting the frame of the 1 Series together in the weld shop and follows the process until the red 1 comes to life as its LED headlights are illuminated.

The most fun part? The music! One of the coolest parts of the soundtrack is the integration of real noises made during the production and assembly of the 1 Series and the addition of head-bobbing phrases like “you have reached your destination” into the mix. BMW even claims the soundtrack could also be played in the world's most popular clubs.

Curious? Check it out for yourself.

Source: BMW

Click here for video

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